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Welcome to WeLearn Learning Services

WeLearn changes how people engage in learning so they can reach their goals.

WeLearn changes the ways in which organizations develop their talent so that their organizations grow. 

WeLearn creates beautiful and thoughtfully designed learning experiences that connect with people through facilitated, collaborative learning. 

WeLearn changes how people engage in and with learning so they can reach their goals and the organizations they work for can grow.

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Who We Are

We thought long and hard about how you should get to know us—and we could describe ourselves in conventional terms—but it is more important for you to know

  • have heart. We believe in treating everyone with kindness and compassion while trying to find a way to have a positive impact on the world.
  • are family. We are kind, selfless, inclusive, and loyal people who have each other’s back.
  • say “Yes, And…” We like to tackle big challenges, create good trouble, and like good improv – always create space for new and better ideas so we can continuously move forward.
  • are curious. We are passionate about learning and actively pursue professional and personal experiences and growth.
  • are fun. We believe that hard work and fun can occupy the same space. After all, most of the best ideas happen outside of the office when we set our minds free.
  • are collaborative. We practice open and honest communication that facilitates the free flow of ideas in all our interactions and work.
  • just deliver. We work with great focus and intention – pushing ourselves to deliver awesomeness in everything we do.

What We Do

We believe that great learning experiences should stand out in the crowd.

  • WeLearn is a learning solutions and workforce development company focused on changing the way in which organizations use learning to achieve their best outcome.
  • We partner with organizations to embed workforce development into their organizational DNA and to find and identify new sources of talent for the roles they need to fill.
  • We partner with organizations to deploy new ways of reskilling and upskilling their current employees to build greater talent mobility and to ensure they have an engaged committed pool of talent.
  • We partner with organizations to ensure learning is deployed as a strategic benefit to their employees and driving to organizational outcomes.
  • We partner with organizations to make their most inspired learning ideas come by creating and delivering current, relevant, beautiful, and engaging learning solutions.
  • We do this to enable both organizations and their employees to grow and flourish in the competitive marketplace.
  • Every engagement is an opportunity to learn; together WeLearn.

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