October 2020

Digital Habits & Content Strategy

Improving Digital Habits And Getting Content Strategy Right

Content Strategy uses trustworthy, compelling media to communicate an organization’s workforce development goals and broader learning philosophy to a specific audience. A content strategy is important because it improves an audience’s learning experience, captivates their imagination, and garners support and interest for a company or business.

Avoid These Top Mistakes in Digital Learning

Avoid These Top Mistakes In Digital Learning Development

As you may be experiencing firsthand, the COVID 19 crisis has pushed students out of the classroom and into the world of online learning. Experts predict that online and remote learning isn’t going anywhere and that most schools will continue with an eLearning hybrid approach. If digital is our future, how do we provide the best education for our learners?

Economic growth and automation.

Automation and Economic Growth: Who, What, How?

Recent studies estimate that 9% of jobs to 47% are at risk of automation and many fear that the rise of automatable tasks will lead to mass unemployment, social distress, and anxiety in the workplace. But will robots really steal our jobs and leave us with nothing to do?

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