March 2021

The Unreal Engine’s Place in Virtual Learning

The Unreal Engine’s Place in Virtual Learning

No matter how interesting online images, videos, and infographics are, they often require the learner to remain separated from the content by a computer screen. But what if learners could dive right into a 3-D scenario? The Unreal Engine and virtual reality makes this possible.

This post will help you understand what exactly UnReal is, why you should consider it for eLearning, and how virtual reality in general can improve learner engagement and empathy.

Performance Support Strategies

Top 5 Performance Support Strategies: Which One Is For You?

WeLearn’s previous post on performance support made it clear that it’s a crucial component of any successful learning strategy. By incorporating support in our training programs, we can improve learner performance and help learners when they need it most.

But what types of performance support are there, and which one is right for you?

This post will guide you through five different kinds of performance support, highlight why they work, and help you find the support that matches your personal and professional goals.

Performance Support

Performance Support: What It Is and Why Its Matters

No matter how effective a training course might be, nobody leaves an expert. Research shows that after one day, employees forget more than 70 percent of what was taught in training.

Luckily, an effective performance support system can improve memory retention and help difficult concepts stick even after formal training takes place. But what exactly is performance support and why does it matter to content developers and organizations?

This post will help you understand the meaning of performance support, its relationship to training, and when learners need it most.

Plan for Your Influencers

Plan for Your Influencers

As a learning leader you are always trying to “influence” the audience you are responsible for training. You, the learning organization and the learning experiences you are creating need to connect with the audience. When that connection is made, not only is the learning more impactful, but you are also creating the opportunity for the learning to go viral inside the organization – and while there are many tools at your disposal to create truly impactful learning, as a learning leader you should not forget to plan for your influencers in your content development process.

Combat Boredom Through Content Development

How Content Developers Can Combat Boredom

Your eyes are drooping. Your mind is in a fog. You just want to sleep. Learning’s greatest enemy is slowly creeping in; boredom.

Maybe you hate math. Or perhaps financial jargon puts you to sleep. Regardless of your likes or dislikes, English philosopher G.K. Chesterton reminds us that “there are no boring subjects, only disinterested minds.”

Building Better Humans Through Learning

Building Better Humans Through Learning

From the beginning WeLearn has been rooted in two things. The first is our mission to build better humans through learning and the second is the desire of those of us who make up the WeLearn team (Hey WeLearners!) to get up every day and do the work with people we love working with which we are fortunate to be able to do.

Power of Fun in Learning Engagement

The Power of Fun in Learning Engagement

The idea of starting an eLearning course probably doesn’t make you smile (cue the dulcet tones of Charlie Brown’s teacher) . This is because the majority of course creators don’t fully realize the physical, professional, and educational importance of fun.

Learning Engagement

Top 3 Ways to Boost Learning Engagement

Despite the hours you have put into creating or selecting the right eLearning experience, your efforts still aren’t yielding the results you want. Luckily, you don’t have to work harder to create better content. You just have to work a little smarter.

Lifelong Learning

Dr. Kate Hixson Digs Deep into Lifelong Learning

Today, we are launching a new series called Friend of the Firm! These are a series of guest blogs from WeLearn’s friends, partners and trusted advisors. They will be bringing you different takes and philosophies on topics that we geek out on e.g. learning, upskilling, reskilling, sales and more.

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