December 2022

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Powerful Ways To Encourage Mental Health Awareness

Mental health plays an integral role in the quality of life that we live in on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is positive, negative, or neutral mental health, it can have a ripple effect throughout various aspects of life. Neglecting to address it or putting it on the back burner will result in a variety of trials for the individual affected, as well as the surrounding environment. Mentally ill individuals are not the only ones affected by this; the general atmosphere is also affected.

Paint the town red, not your office wall welearn

Paint the Town Red, Not Your Office Wall

A number of businesses do not divulge information to their employees, clients, customers, or management, such as how they truly achieved success, regardless of their trials and tribulations, or who decides what type of coffee is served in the employee break room, or who decides that it is a good idea to paint all the walls white throughout the office.

5 mistakes to avoid when building a culture of appreciation

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Culture Of Appreciation

In order to create a culture of appreciation at work, employees must be treated as equals, but must also be acknowledged for their dedication, hard work, impact, and unique contributions to the company. Employees feel valued, inspired, and are more productive at work when they feel valued. A culture of appreciation results in happier, more motivated, and more willing employees who are eager to grow within the organization.

Culture of recognition welearn learning services

4 Ways to Build A Culture Of Recognition

Employee recognition programs are commonplace in corporations. However, most of these programs are not successful, especially when it comes to making employees feel truly appreciated for their hard work, dedication, time, and efforts. Despite having spent countless hours in the same office for decades, most corporations and their leaders fail to establish a sense of appreciation among their employees.

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