3 Foolproof Steps For Creating Engaging LinkedIn Content

3 Foolproof steps for creating engaging linkedin content
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    With over 72 million members, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to make your service stand out from the crowd, build an online community, and engage learners on a global scale. Building customized content is worth the effort, as it helps build credibility between you and your learners, establish connections, and introduce you to more potential collaborators. Don’t worry; to succeed on LinkedIn, you don’t need to write a perfect blog post or do something that has never been done before. Read this article to find out what makes customized content powerful, and how you can create it in three simple steps.  

    Not All Customized Content Is Created Equal

    Yes, posting some form of content is better than nothing, but you need some kind of guidance or strategy before diving into custom content creation on Linkedin. Brainstorming ideas with your team and taking a more meaningful approach will end up saving you time in the long run and ensure that your efforts aren’t in vain. Before making content, keep in mind that it needs to be: 

    • Engaging: When making videos, be enthusiastic and steer away from a monotone voice. Your writing should also be colorful and include a variety of text, such as bullet points and questions. 
    • Shareable: You essentially want your learners to find your content engaging enough to share with others. Shareable content often has a punchy headline and is relevant to modern-day situations. 
    • Unique: While you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you should find something that makes your company special and incorporate it into your content. What do you offer that no other service can? 

    Your service’s content becomes customized when you tailor it to your ideal learner. Think about what could be a good fit for your specific audience and take note of the kinds of problems they may be facing. What kinds of questions do your learners ask repeatedly? Use these questions as a jump-off point for your content creation strategy. 

    Content Creation That Pops On LinkedIn

    Step 1: Use Polls To Inspire Your Content Creation Strategy 

    Your learners on LinkedIn provide you with more content ideas than you might think. Use LinkedIn’s built-in polls feature to get feedback on your service and encourage learners to participate. Polls are easy to use and don’t take up too much of your learner’s time. Here are a few tips for getting started: 

    • Once you choose a question, you can add up to four response options. Remember that participants are only allowed to choose one response, so ask a question that merits a specific answer.  
    • Don’t forget hashtags! Include one to three relevant LinkedIn hashtags to ensure that your content gets the widest reach possible. 

    When creating a question for your poll, make sure it supports your broader strategy and long-term goals, as opposed to being silly. For example, an e-Learning company could ask their audience “what kind of learner are you?” to get a sense of the e-Learning content that benefits them most. Feel free to use the poll results as the inspiration for another article, video, or podcast.

    Show Your Expertise Through Customized Content

    Step 2: Utilize Your Current Content Resources 

    Don’t worry if you are struggling to come up with fresh ideas for customized content. Instead, take a look at some of the information or resources that you already have! Here are a few examples: 

    • A past learner’s success story
    • An interview with an expert in a related field
    • A review from a learner that highlights how your service helped them reach their goals. 

    Drawing on the experiences of others and looking outside of your organization for inspiration will only make your online community stronger

    Step 3: Make Sure Your Content Establishes Expertise 

    Audiences and potential clients on LinkedIn are inundated with information, so one of the most valuable things you can offer them is your expertise. Start by letting learners know exactly why they should listen to you and how you can help them. Here are a few ways to exhibit your knowledge: 

    • Provide recommended resources or tools that could help learners succeed, and give honest reviews of other services connected to your field
    • Suggest podcasts and books in a related field
    • Link to other guides or tools that relate to your service

    Learners will be thankful for the free information and it will inspire them to stay engaged. Always ask yourself what you can do for learners, what resources you can provide, and how you can connect your service to the bigger picture. 

    Kickstarting Your Businesses LinkedIn Is Simple! 

    Most likely your service or business already has a LinkedIn, so taking it to the next level doesn’t have to be a losing battle. Have questions or concerns about your LinkedIn journey? Share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with us here at WeLearn, because together, we learn.

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