5 Powerful Ways To Use Youtube For Custom Content Creation

5 powerful ways to use youtube for content creation
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    Want your business or brand to be used by learners all over the world? You are probably already familiar with one of the world’s most powerful search engines and marketing tools; YouTube. But do you know how and why to use it? More than 500 hours of video content is uploaded every minute to YouTube and since its humble beginnings in 2005, the video platform has become one of the most popular marketing and educational channels for learning services, brands, and businesses. With more than two billion active users, YouTube could be just the content creation outlet your service needs. This article will pinpoint five ways you can use YouTube to increase learner engagement, master visual communication, and create great custom content. 

    Using YouTube For Customized-Content Creation 

    Before attempting to build your service’s YouTube presence, you need to consider one crucial question; “Why would audiences want to subscribe and return to this YouTube channel?” If you are struggling to find the answer, brainstorm with your team and read on to discover five ways to use YouTube effectively. 

    #1. Customize The Learner’s Experience: Think about your learners, their life experiences, and how your videos can speak to their possible interests. For a fun touch, incorporate some recent pop culture, sport, or even tech trends to create a professional yet relaxed relationship with your learners.

    • To help learners envision themselves using your service, tell a relatable story surrounding a particular product you offer.
    • For example, if your business offers e-Learning services for children, create a narrative around a child that used a certain product for their learning disabilities and how they benefited from it. 
    • The more details you provide in your story, the easier it will be for learners to envision it. If you are having trouble creating a fictional narrative, consider using testimonials as inspiration. 

    #2. Become An Educational Knowledge Hub: Learners most likely seek out your service for guidance or support, so you must assert yourself as a reliable knowledge hub. Consider making step-by-step videos on how to use your service and show audiences exactly how it can benefit them. Asserting your expertise in a given area will help learners feel more secure when investing in your business, and give your content more meaning.

    How Can I Create Content That Pops?

    # 3. Express Your Value From The Start: Did you know that  20% of learners leave after the first 10 seconds of a YouTube video? To keep them watching, consider starting with your service’s value instead of waiting to explain it at the end. Remember, you can always circle back to the value of your service at the end of your video to bring the point home. 

    #4. Highlight Your Service’s Authentic Side: Whether a YouTube video comes from a teen rating international snacks in their bedroom or a worldwide brand, there’s one element that remains crucial for keeping learners engaged: authenticity. 

    • Part of YouTube’s appeal is that you don’t have to go to Hollywood or invest huge amounts of money to use it. Embrace the democratic nature of the platform and show audiences the real people behind your service.
    • Involve employees and creators in the making of your videos, and have them show why or how they made the product on offer. 

    Providing content and information on YouTube is a strong start to widening your business’s reach, but your success only depends on the quality and consistency of your videos. Luckily, there are ways you can make your channel stand out, and sometimes it just comes down to mindset. 

    Yes, The Power Of Positivity Extends to YouTube

    #5. Spread Positivity:  The world can be a difficult complicated place, so why not make your YouTube channel a source of positivity for your learners? Positivity boosts energy levels, increases the chance of success, and will inspire your learners to take action. Not to mention the fact that positive YouTube videos perform better than those associated with negative emotions.

    • A recent study found that videos that elicit “high arousal” emotions such as inspiration, humor, or surprise were shared about twice as often as those eliciting “low” emotional responses, such as frustration and negativity. 

    Instead of focusing on negative emotions in your videos, like frustrations with a service or possible problems in your audience’s life, highlight the positive emotions associated with your service and ensure learners that they can maintain a positive mindset while using it. 

    Custom-Content Creation and YouTube: A Perfect Match 

    No matter the size or focus of your business, YouTube is an excellent way to build connections with audiences and inspire them to use your service. Every video helps, so don’t be overwhelmed by the broadness of the platform; you can even begin by recycling premade video content. How do you think your business or service could benefit from using YouTube? What kinds of YouTube channels keep you engaged? Share your thoughts and feelings with us at WeLearn because together, we learn.

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