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Accessibility and Everyday Activities

Accessibility and Everyday Activities in a Time After COVID-19

This weekend, I had a bit of car trouble that required my car to be towed from my home to a local dealership to be fixed. Nothing special, happens all the time, right? Well, not exactly. I came out of my house to greet the tow truck driver to make sure he knew where to take the car, etc. In doing so, I noticed he didn’t have a mask on but didn’t worry about it because we were distancing ourselves (6 feet) per CDC recommendations, and we were outside. As we were talking, he shared with me the consequences of masks for those with a hearing disability. He shared that he cannot always hear well and relies on reading lips to communicate.

Post Covid-19

Let Them Eat Cake: Authenticity, Leadership, and the Post COVID-19 World

“Let them eat cake. It did not work for Marie Antoinette and it does not work today. The recent pandemic has opened our eyes to how images of people are projected and especially how leaders show up. We are so used to highly produced videos or commercials of CEOs or other leaders all prim and proper and think – that’s how a leader is supposed to look and act.

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