Talent Development

Economic growth and automation.

Automation and Economic Growth: Who, What, How?

Recent studies estimate that 9% of jobs to 47% are at risk of automation and many fear that the rise of automatable tasks will lead to mass unemployment, social distress, and anxiety in the workplace. But will robots really steal our jobs and leave us with nothing to do?

Learning Leaders

Are You Facing the Learning Leaders Dilemma?

The magazine cover is framed. The latest award is on the shelf. All is right in the world of the learning leader. But there is that little voice in the back of your mind. Maybe it is the voice of your CFO, maybe it is the voice of your CEO, maybe it is your voice asking you “Are you running a great training organization, and if you are, prove it?’

Workforce Development by WeLearn

Embrace The Weird In Your Workforce Development Team

Even before these unprecedented, stressful times, talent development has not been easy. In the professional space, it can be hard to let our true identities inspire how we interact with clients and employees. To truly create a good talent development team, however, one must not be afraid to show their human side and take pride in being different.

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