Revolutionize Your Learning and Development Strategy with a Fractional Learning Strategist

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What the Heck is a Fractional Learning Specialist?
Great Question!

They're these highly talented professionals who bring a fresh perspective and expertise to your organization but on a part-time basis. They work hand-in-hand with your team, assess your current learning programs, identify areas for improvement, and then develop customized strategies to help your organization achieve its learning and development goals.

Fractional Learning Strategist Benefits Include:


These Fractional Learning Strategists know their stuff! They have a deep understanding of adult learning principles and best practices. Plus, they've got a wealth of experience from various industries, so they can provide you with some seriously unique insights tailored specifically to your organization's needs.


I know what you're thinking, "But hiring a full-time employee can be expensive!" Well, fear not! Engaging with a Fractional Learning Strategist lets you tap into their high-level expertise without breaking the bank. You only pay for the hours or projects you actually need. It's like getting the perfect amount of guacamole on your burrito without the extra charge (and yes, we do believe guacamole should always be free).


Life is all about change, isn't it? The beauty of a Fractional Learning Strategist is their ability to adapt to your organization's evolving needs. So whether you need a little help with a small project or ongoing support, they're like those stretchy yoga pants that never let you down, adjusting to your requirements with ease.

"Building the foundations (learning strategy and governance) is critical for success in becoming a dynamic learning organization. It was important to get the mindset and culture, and processes right before we focused too much on learning technology."

Jennifer Myers
Senior Director of Learning and Development / WeLearn Client

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Don’t spend hours, days and weeks spinning your wheels on a learning project; Work with a WeLearn fractional learning strategist!

Fractional Learning Strategist

Designing a learning strategy starts with an initial conversation and the process/ outcomes are designed around the organizational needs. Everything is customized! WeLearn does not deliver cookie cutter solutions, you won’t get the same PowerPoint presentation just with a different logo. Your organization will receive a customized plan, that can be executed on to deliver a high return on learning!

Are you still intrigued by the concept of Fractional Learning Strategists?
Well, you're in luck - check out our FAQs.

Think of them as expert consultants who bring their vast knowledge and experience to your organization on a part-time basis. They work collaboratively with your team to assess your current learning programs and develop customized strategies to help you achieve your learning and development goals.

Unlike traditional consultants who often work within a limited scope, Fractional Learning Strategists can tailor their services to your organization’s exact needs. They offer flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and hands-on collaboration, leading to more impactful solutions.

Absolutely! Fractional Learning Strategists can work with your team no matter where you’re located. With all the technological advancements today, it’s easy to stay connected and work collaboratively from anywhere in the world.

Fractional Learning Strategists provide a fresh perspective to your organization, bringing with them a wealth of experience and best practices. They can assist with everything from analyzing your current learning programs to creating engaging e-learning modules and designing effective onboarding programs. The possibilities are endless!

If your organization is experiencing challenges with employee engagement, productivity, and retention, or if you want to elevate the impact of your learning and development programs, a Fractional Learning Strategist could be the perfect solution. They can help you identify and tackle any areas of improvement and bring about positive long-term changes.

Fractional Learning Strategist Services Bottom

We hope these FAQs have helped shed some light on the Fractional Learning Strategist offering. If you have any more questions or are interested in learning how a Fractional Learning Strategist can benefit your organization, we'd love to chat!

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