We All Started Somewhere: The First Jobs of WeLearn

The First Jobs of WeLearn

One of our favorite questions around here is “What was your first job?”. It is a great ice breaker and reminds us that no matter where we are today – or where we are going in our careers – we all started somewhere – and it was likely very different than our current profession.

We recently asked our WeLearner’s what their first jobs were – and while some a lot of them had jobs you would expect – there were a few surprises.

The First Jobs Of WeLearn

  • Washington Post Paperboy, mowing lawns and shoveling snow

  • Newspaper delivery person (5 miles of route delivered via my trusty bike)

  • I was 14 and worked at an ice cream shop that was in the shape of an ice cream cone! Twistee Treat – Best job EVER!

  • My first *career* job was insurance. I was a Life Insurance agent.

  • Groom (for horses)

  • Summer sleep away Camp Counselor

  • General Contractor’s Assistant (carpentry, plumbing, electricity, roofing, etc.))

  • Grease Pig Chaser (this is true we have seen the pics)

  • Babysitting

  • Working at a refreshment stand at the swimming pool.

  • Babysitting for everyone. Frighteningly, people in the neighborhood trusted me with their kids around age 12.

  • Working at a refreshment stand at the swimming pool.

  • Stocker at IGA

  • My first paid job was a student assistant at LSSC in the Instructional Design department.

  • Telemarketer for a Window Replacement Company

  • I worked the boat pool at the Celebration Station in Knoxville, TN.

Play along with us – what was your first job?

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