We Learn Fun Facts: Our Favorite Readings as a Kid

WeLearn Favorite Readings
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    Did you devour Charlotte’s Tale? Were you mesmerized by Matilda? Did you wait for your letter to Hogwarts after reading Harry Potter? For many of us, our love of reading, our pathway to creativity, and the gateway to our imagination were started with the books and stories we read as children.

    I for one was a huge reader as a kid – so this week get to know WeLearn question was all about what our favorite books or books as a kid were – and the list is quite diverse, with one surprise, but totally us.

    The Book We Loved As Kids By The WeLearn Team

    1.      Are you there God, It’s Me, Margaret?

    2.      Under the Cherry Blossom Tree

    3.      Baby Bebop, the Midnighters Trilogy, Fairest, and the Hunger Games trilogy.

    4.      Eloise

    5.      Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see?

    6.      The Giving Tree and Charlotte’s Web

    7.      The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    8.      So many books! but, Harry Potter took a lead in my childhood literacy.

    9.      The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Ralph S. Mouse, The Hardy Boy’s, Henry Higgins, Ribsy, Amelia Bedelia

    10.   Tuck Everlasting

    11.   Edith the Lonely Doll

    12.   IT by Stephen King

    13.   Nancy Drew Mysteries

    What were some of your favorite books as a kid? What book would you recommend for your son/daughter/niece or nephew today? We would love to hear from you!

    We are all in this together, and together we learn.

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