Learning Measurement

Seven Steps to Build Your Learning Measurement Muscles

Hopefully, you have been with us for a while and you have read some of our previous posts like Measuring your Success and Making Learning Stick. You won’t be lost if you have not – and you can always check them out later – but they are helpful – and we are nothing if not helpful around here!

Measurement Strategy

Why Hope is Not A Measurement Strategy aka The Ballad of the Gas Station Hot Dog

Have you ever been traveling, stop for gas, and all of a sudden your stomach growls and you grab the first thing you see – that gas station hot dog that has been sitting there for who knows how long. You don’t know if it’s fresh, been there 2 days, but you blindly eat it because it saves you time. (For our friends in New York – think of this as the last “dirty water dog” in the cart – don’t judge – we have all been there)

Subject Matter Experts

It’s All About the SMEs, The SMEs, No Troubles….

We love us some Megan Trainor around here – and so we are all about the SMEs today – and that is no trouble.

As we have talked about before, SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) are an essential part of the work we do as learning professionals – without them, we would have no domain knowledge, no real-world examples, and let’s face it – very little content.

Picture It

Picture It…

Picture it, your office, some day in the future – you have redefined the role profile, you have tons of new qualified candidates, and you have your pick of the best candidate you can imagine. This is awesome right. But how did this come to be?

Your Mission If You Choose To Accept It

Organizations of all sizes, across all industries are challenged to find the talent they need the most. Once you find the talent, it’s a race with the clock to keep that talent as long as you can. (Cue the Mission Impossible Music) – does this feel familiar?

Frontline Workers and the Health of Your Community

We introduced you to WeThink through the lens of frontline worker development. We discussed scenarios in which organizations could help grow this employee segment, which is a win-win for all those involved! Today we are going to continue the conversation and dive into frontline worker development and how it not only benefits the worker and organization, but also the communities in which we live and thrive.

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