A Systemic Lack of Synchronization Between Community Colleges and Employers and its Lasting Impact

A Systemic Lack Of Synchronization Between Community Colleges And Employers And Its Lasting Impact

Even though the community college is an admirable and respectable institution, people rarely know how much work must be put into its effective work and programs. Multiple actions, initiatives, and strategies must occur in the background for everything to flow and for the community college to serve the community and accomplish the necessary results.

Learning Strategy

I Am Here. Now Learn Me.

When you begin to understand your learners at a more elemental level, you have the opportunity to leverage those insights in order to better align your learning strategy to the organization’s strategy, to ensure your learners engage with the programs you are developing, and ultimately ensure that your learners are building the skills and competencies that you need them to have.

WeLearn Favorite Quotes

Some of WeLearn Favorite Quotes

We all have them – a favorite quote or phrase – that motivates us – or sums up our general outlook on life.

We recently asked the WeLearn team for their favorite quotes, and we have to say, we are an interesting bunch.

Comfort Food

WeLearn Fun Fact: Our Favorite Comfort Foods

If you ever wondered what inviting WeLearn to an office potluck would be like – well, wonder no more! Recently we asked our fellow WeLearner’s what their favorite comfort foods were and, we just need to say, we would make for awesome guests for a potluck!

Get up and go song.

WeLearn Fun Facts: What is Your Get Up and Go Song

We would not want you to get the impression we are overly serious around here at WeLearn. We are actually quite a fun lot.

As we all work remotely, we do not get to bound in the same way intact teams do. That is why we have the question of the week – a way for us to get to know each other a little better.

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