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WeLearn is on a mission to help organizations build better humans through learning. We provide a full range of services to assist our partners in building world class learning and a world-class workforce.

We are eliminating “the suck” from learning. We have all experienced sucky learning – and we are on a mission to eradicate it. Whether you need a simple consult, a few designers to join your team, a whole new approach to learning, or something in between, we are here to help.

We are helping organizations tap into their untapped potential by creating new approaches to developing their workforces through reskilling and upskilling programs and building new pipelines for talent.

We are all in this together, and together we learn.

Services Overview
Learning Strategy Content Development Workforce Develpment Learning Administration Learning Brand Consulting

Learning Strategy

How you define your vision is what makes a great strategy. At WeLearn, we help you realize this vision.

Content Development

WeLearn is your end-to-end partner for developing beautiful, engaging, and relevant learning programs enabled by our content development process.

Workforce Develpment

Reskilling, Upskilling,and Outskilling are all important tools in how you develop your workforce. Let us partner with you to scale your workforce and talent development efforts.

Learning Administration

We offer a full-service team to manage your lifelong learning catalog or support your team during peak volume scenarios.

Learning Brand Consulting

Designing your life-long learning brand…. How you portray the culture of your business...

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Our Model

Our Model: The IDEAS Framework

Why Partner With WeLearn

WeLearn is a different kind of learning company. We know a lot of companies will tell you that they are different, but we are fairly sure we are. 

The genesis of WeLearn traces back to a core group of us working inside large global organizations as learning professionals and doing really cool projects on the fringe. Our cool projects won awards, our cool projects were shown to other clients to secure new business, but at the end of the day, we were constantly asked to go back to the cookie-cutter—for us, that did not cut it—and so WeLearn was born. 

We believe that learning is something in which you engage learners—not something you do to them—and for that reason, we put the learner in the center of everything we do. We work hard to understand the learning our clients want to create, and what our clients want their learners to take away from the learning, and we set out to produce the most flow-inducing learning we can create. Our goal is to create learning that creates flow, and ultimately, that has an impact on the learner and the organizations with whom we work. 

We have Client Relationship Managers, Learning Experience Designers, Graphic Designers, Program Managers, Learning Administrators, and Virtual ILT Producers as just some of our roles. 

Our team has a wide range of experience. They have worked across multiple industries, including Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Educational Publishing, Education, Technology, Members Associations, Universities, and Certification Boards. 

Our team consists of individuals who have taught high school and at the collegiate level, who have managed the creation of a corporate university and oversaw the rollout and change management of that corporate university to 40,000 employees globally. Our team includes a former Chief Learning Officer of one of the world’s largest insurance companies; and talented assessment and measurement professionals who are adept at working with subject matter experts to craft meaningful assessments. 

In our team, we have an expression that together, we learn. We are experts at learning, but we also remain humbly students of our profession. We view every client opportunity, every conversation, and every project as an opportunity to learn something new. If we are selected as a partner for your organization, you will be the recipient of everything we have learned so far—as well as everything we will learn together. That is how it works. Together, we learn. 

While our team has a wide range of experience, we are a newer organization and we are growing. What does that mean for you? We are committed, resourceful, and nimble!

Making our partners feel supported, appreciated, and special is our utmost concern–and privilege. We are happy to provide references for our work.  You will find, we do a lot for some of our partners, and others just we jump in just where they need us the most. What we hope you take away from your conversations with them is that we are an organization that believes in adding value and a bit of surprise and delight to everything we do. 

We understand that learning leaders seeks partners that can grow and evolve with them and their organizations. We believe in that.   In partnering for the long term, we believe that over time there will be an ebb and flow of the roles and responsibilities that both partners will play. Because of this, we have some first principles that are important to share: 
  • We believe in using industry-standard tools and technologies in the development of products for our clients. We understand that over time our client may want to be able to maintain or update products on your own. We try to make that simple. 
  • We believe in building processes and methodologies that are sustainable for our partner organizations. We will always provide guidance on best practices and provide approaches to allow our partner organizations to scale and grow into the practices and ensure they are best in class. 
  • We influence—we do not dictate. We understand that organizations come to us for our expertise and we seek to be a positive presence with our partners, and so we seek influence instead of dictating in everything we do. 
  • We recognize that the world of work is rapidly changing, and as such, we feel strongly about modern systems of learning, learning design, accessibility and access, and learning measurement, and will always lean into those approaches.
  • We believe at the intersection of great learning design and great user experience design is a place where learning induces flow and embeds itself in the day of the learner. It is in that place that we achieve the maximum results possible.
  • We believe that the experience of the learner is critical.  We always step into the learner’s shoes as we create products and deliver services.
  • Beyond having the technical capabilities to be a great partner for you and your organization, we believe the combination of our backgrounds make us unique. 

We hope as you get to know us that you will feel the same.

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