Do your employees dread your elearning courses? Do they stare blankly at the computer screen, clicking button after button, locked in an abyss of monotony until they finally find their way to the end? Do they leave looking like this.

What's to

It’s Not Your Topic

Do you sit through yearly mandatory learning on topics like sexual harassment and workplace safety? We all do. They’ve become a fact of life. We suffer through it, check the box, and don’t think about it again until next year.

Here’s a secret: Any topic can be worthwhile under the right conditions. Stop blaming your topic for why your learning is ineffective.

It’s Not Your Learner’s Fault, Either

We’ve heard it all:

  • People in our industry are very hard to train.
  • Our employees just don’t want to learn.
  • Our learners are stuck in their ways; they will never change.
  • Our learning needs to be in chunks of 3 minutes or less. 

There’s always a reason. Even our favorite partners want to believe that learners in their industry are so different, so special, so difficult that enticing them to learn is impossible. It’s simply not true.

Working with WeLearn as your content development partner, your learners will be so enthralled in what they’re doing, they won’t even realize they’re in a training course. They will learn because it’s natural.

It’s Your Perspective…..So Let’s Shift It! 

Ok,  we realize that was harsh, and we are sure you have fine learning programs, but hey, we got your attention! It starts with how we think about learning versus how you think about learning.

For you and your team, learning has become a cookie-cutter and a bit of drudgery. It’s a list of things your learner must know, or the world will end. It’s an email that fills your learner with a sense of dread, “Mandatory Training This Week.” It’s didactic. It’s dictatorial. Click next…….click next……..click next…….It’s a box on your to-do list that you checkmark and move on.

For us, learning is an experience.

It’s not something we do TO our learners. They become willing participants and engaged citizens of learning. We create a learning environment built just for them—a natural, intrinsic environment where learning flows.

We let go of the need to control the learner, and we create learning content of which the learners want to be a part. We still teach the learner the same information that you do, but everything about how we do it is different: It’s focused entirely on the learner.

Shift Your Thinking and Save us All from the Zombie Apocalypse

You have to evolve your thinking if you’re going to see outstanding results from your training. We can show you how to shift from “what we want our learners to know” thinking to “what we want our learners to think, do, feel, and discuss.” It’s like stepping from an old, silent black-and-white movie into full-color, 3D Imax. 

These simple shifts in thinking improve more than just your training courses—they improve your overall relationship with your learner. It’s a shift that more than pays for itself.

WeLearn is Your Against Sucky Learning

We Are Not Your Average Learning Professionals

We aren’t your average learning development professionals. Our team features a game designer, a Hollywood scriptwriter, an imaginative photographer, several creative writers, and even a former paperboy —all with extensive experience in learning and development. Our experiences allow us to think differently about learning. Besides intellectual brilliance, we bring creativity, artistry, and cutting-edge technology to our designs. 

We Play a Mean Game of “Yes, And” 

We work in solidarity to create learning experiences that are human, relevant, engaging, beautiful, and impactful. We think our work speaks for itself, and though we don’t like to brag, we’ve won a few awards for excellence in our field.

Our best work happens when we can bring the concepts of UX and UI design, together with the principles of design thinking into our development processes. 

We borrow best practices from our colleagues in content marketing to create genuinely binge-worthy content. 

Superman Has His Cape. Batman Has His Utility Belt. You Have Us

We realize that many L&D organizations and L&D professionals are looking to change their learning brand and raise the level of design and engagement in their learning experiences, but don’t know where to start. We can help.

Are You Ready to Stop Sucking the Life out of Your Learners?

So if this all sounds good – and even if we scared you a little – if you are looking to make a change in the way your organization is developing your learning experiences, let’s have a talk and see if we can do some good work together.

We Should

Are you looking to tackle a big challenge or to create good trouble….whether you are looking for a custom course, to enhance your learning brand, or to create a new approach for building talent – we can help. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

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