5 powerful ways to use youtube for content creation

5 Powerful Ways To Use Youtube For Custom Content Creation

Want your business or brand to be used by learners all over the world? You are probably already familiar with one of the world’s most powerful search engines and marketing tools; YouTube. But do you know how and why to use it? More than 500 hours of video content is uploaded every minute to YouTube and since its humble beginnings in 2005, the video platform has become one of the most popular marketing and educational channels for learning services, brands, and businesses. With more than two billion active users, YouTube could be just the content creation outlet your service needs. This article will pinpoint five ways you can use YouTube to increase learner engagement, master visual communication, and create great custom content.

Training Industry 2022 Watchlist - Custom Content Development

WeLearn Named to the 2022 Training Industry Top Training Companies Watch List: Custom Content  Development

Training Industry announced today its selections for the 2022 Top Training Companies™ lists for the Custom Content Development sector of the learning and development (L&D) market. WeLearn is excited to report it has been named to its 2022 Top Custom Content Development Companies Watch List.

How to use instagram for your business part 3

How To Use Instagram For Your Business: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide (Part 3)

Do you want to join the over 200 million businesses using Instagram to widen their reach, spread their brand message, and connect with learners all over the world? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article will build upon WeLearn’s previous two “Instagram For Business” posts, introduce you to new styles of content creation, and get you ready to make an eye-catching business Instagram.

How to use instagram for your business pt2

How To Use Instagram For Your Business: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide (Part 2)

When starting an Instagram for your business, there can be a lot of moving parts, especially if running your Instagram account is not your primary job. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry! WeLearn is here to help you with this easy, step-by-step guide on building an Instagram for your business. Read on and explore part two of our three-part “Instagram For Business” guide.

How to use instagram for your business

How to Use Instagram For Your Business: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide (Part 1)

In just over ten years Instagram has gone from a photo-sharing app to a knowledge and business hub. Instagram sees more than one billion visitors every month, and approximately 90% of those visitors follow at least one business. This means that using Instagram to widen your reach and promote your business or service is a no-brainer. Services can run fundraisers through Instagram Live broadcasts, offer merchandise from their profiles, and let people book appointments from their accounts.

Personalized learning and employee retention

Personalized Learning & Employee Retention: A Happy Marriage

Personalized learning is the most recent buzz term in the L&D space. It has become like a ‘religion’ of sorts. You have to believe in it, and you have to live and breathe it. However, we are unsure if everyone talking about it knows what it means. If you are one of those people, this is what personalized learning means: “an approach to education that considers differences in learners’ backgrounds, skills, interests and learning preferences and uses these differences to inform the design of curriculum and instruction.”

3 Foolproof steps for creating engaging linkedin content

3 Foolproof Steps For Creating Engaging LinkedIn Content

With over 72 million members, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to make your service stand out from the crowd, build an online community, and engage learners on a global scale. Building customized content is worth the effort, as it helps build credibility between you and your learners, establish connections, and introduce you to more potential collaborators. Don’t worry; to succeed on LinkedIn, you don’t need to write a perfect blog post or do something that has never been done before. Read this article to find out what makes customized content powerful, and how you can create it in three simple steps.

Instagram Business Profile

5 Important Reasons Why You Should Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

An Instagram business profile might seem like an exclusive tech feature reserved for major companies, but that could not be farther from the truth. Instagram business profiles are free, easy to use, and you don’t even need to have a certain amount of followers to create one! This article will introduce you to the different kinds of Instagram accounts and show you five reasons why a business account might be best for visually connecting with your audience and raising awareness of your services.

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