Using Assessments to
Drive Performance

We know that Assessments are powerful tools to help drive individual, team, and organizational performance. But how do you know the right assessment for your organization? How do you know if you are going to get the insights you are looking for? What if we told you WeLearn could help you with both of those questions?

That’s where WeLearn’s Assessment services come into play. WeLearn will work with you and your organization to improve and optimize:

  • Workplace satisfaction and employee life cycle by using the best databases for insights and as a starting point for conversations about each team member's style, strengths and value to the team.

  • Employee skill matches for tasks that help to reduce burnout and stress while improving two-way conversation.

  • Leadership functions as well as personal development, conflict resolution and so much more.

WeLearn offers several different tools to use when working to gain insights for team building that include:

Using assesments to drive user performance
Using assesments to drive user performance
Using assesments to drive user performance
Using assesments to drive user performance
  1. Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment:
    This assessment measures four key behavioral drives. Using this tool allows for an understanding of the best ways workers can contribute to the team and organization. By understanding these measures, team success is improved and communications become stronger
  2. Insights Discovery:
    This measure, based on the work of Dr. Carl Jung, was created to help people better understand themselves, others and make the most of the workplace environment/relationships. A simple
    four-color model is used to demonstrate style, strengths and value and to help people see why they behave the way they do.
  3. Stay Ahead of the Curve withThe Kolbe Index (Instinct Test):
    This test measures the instinctive ways in which people take action. The results describe natural strengths and modes of operation allowing you to understand how your teams will work bet together.
  4. Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI):
    Whether your goal is to find the right hire or develop stronger leaders, assessing personality gives you valuable insight into how people work, how they lead, and how successful they will be in your organization.

WeLearn will work with your company to select and administer the tool that will deliver the highest ROI. After the assessment is administered, we’ll work with you to schedule a debriefing session to talk about the results/outcomes from the test and, most importantly, how to use the results to create a team that has strategic synergy.

Meet Some Of WeLearn’s Team of Certified Subject Matter Experts:

Dr Allesandria Polizzi
Jessica Segal
Ty Weinert
  • For more Information or to schedule a consult, visit [email protected]

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