Business, Management and Accounting

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Business Communication

• Introduction to Business Communication
• Teams, Listening, and Nonverbal Communication
• Communicating Across Cultures
• Composing A Business Message
• Communicating Routine Information
• Communicating Bad News
• Persuasive Communication
• Introduction To Business Reports and Proposals
• Composing Business Reports and Proposals
• Formal Reports and Proposals
• Oral Presentation Skills
• Resume Writing and The Employment Interview


• Entrepreneurship: Who Excels and What Are The Essentials
• Competent Leadership: Charting The Entrepreneurial Itinerary
• Who Will Be Your Customers?
• The Business Plan: Documenting The Details
• Operations and Financial Management: Accounting For Success
• The Business Plan: Financial Projections
• Focus On Financing Strategies
• The Business Plan: Measurement and Review
• What You Need To Know To Go and Grow
• Leadership: Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
• Branding, Franchising, and Harvesting
• Ready For Tomorrow? Entrepreneurs, "Start Your Engines!"


• Understanding The Role of The Firm and Financial Manger
• Financial Markets, Financial Instruments, and Interest Rates
• Understanding Financial Statements
• Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis
• Applying Time Value of Money Tools
• Understanding Risk and Return Relationships
• Valuation of Stocks and Bonds
• Understanding and Applying Capital Budgeting Tools
• Identifying Relevant Cash Flow For Capital Budgeting
• Understanding the Cost of Capital
• Managing Current Assets and Current Liabilities
• Capital Structures, Dividends, and International Considerations

Human Resources

• Overview of Human Resource Management
• Employee Recruitment and Placement
• Training and Development
• Employee Compensation and Benefits
• Employee Relations
• Global HR Management

Business Information System

• Introduction To Business Information Systems
• The Business Process
• The Organizational Strategy and Information Systems
• Database Concepts
• Information Systems Development
• Alternative Systems Development Life Cycle
• ERP an Supply Chain Logistics
• Computer Networks
• Cloud Computing and Web 2.0
• Information Systems and E-Commerce
• Information Systems Management and Ethics
• Information Systems Threats and Security

Business Law

• Legal Environment of Business
• Tort and Criminal Law
• Intellectual Property Law
• Contract Law Principles
• Negotiable Instruments
• Agency Transactions
• Employment Law
• Form of Business Organization
• Ethical and Social Responsibility of Business
• Government Regulations Affecting Business
• Personal and Real Property Laws
• International Law and Global Business

Business Math

• Whole Numbers, Fractions, and Decimals
• Banking and Equations
• Percentages and Statistics
• Trade and Cash Discounts, Markup, and Markdown
• Payroll
• Interest, Discounts, Credit, and Value
• Annuities, Sinking Funds, Stocks and Bonds
• Mortgages
• Depreciation
• Inventory
• Insurance and Taxes
• Financial Statements

Business (Intro To)

• The Business Environment
• Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
• New Business Ventures In the U.S. and International Markets
• Managing The Business Enterprise
• Managing and Motivating Employees
• Market Processes
• Product Pricing, Distribution, and Promotion
• Productivity and Quality
• Information Systems and Communication Technologies
• Principles of Accounting
• Banking and Finance
• Financial and Risk Management

Business Management

• Introduction To Management
• Managing In A Business Environment
• Social Responsibility and Managerial Ethics
• Decision Making
• Planning and The Manager's Role
• Strategic Management and Planning Techniques
• Organizational Structure and Communications
• Human Resource Management
• The Psychology of Management
• Motivating and Leading Others
• Controlling Organizational Performance
• Operations Management


• Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Supervisor?
• Paperwork and Profitability
• People and Productivity
• Who Decides What and How?
• Rewards and Results: Win, Lose, Or Tie?
• Supervisors' Leadership Styles
• When and How To Communicate
• Stimulating Your Teams' Successful Performance
• Keeping Employees On Track and Safe On the Job
• Opportunities: Managing Conflicts and Challenges
• Attention to Detail
• Bargaining A Win-Win Situation For All


• Introduction To Marketing
• Strategic Planning
• Analyzing The Business Environment
• Market Research and Intelligence
• Market Analysis and Strategy
• Consumer Behavior
• B2B Marketing
• Product Development & Management
• Services Marketing
• Integrated Marketing Communication
• Pricing
• Marketing Channels and Supply Chains

Organizational Behavior

• Introduction To Organizational Behavior
• Understanding Behavior of Self and Others
• Decision Making
• Motivation
• Emotions and Moods
• Group Behavior and Teams
• Leadership and Power
• Conflict and Negotiation
• Organizational Structure
• Organizational Culture
• Functions of Human Resources
• Change and Stress Management

Financial Accounting

• Financial Operations of Corporations
• Earnings and Stocks
• Long-Term Liabilities
• Investments and Cash Flow
• Financial Statement Analysis
• Management Accounting
• Process Costing
• Job Costing
• Cost-Volume- Profit Analysis
• Budgeting
• Flexible Budgets and Standard Costs
• Cost Systems and Business Decisions

Management Accounting

• Accounting and The Business Environment
• Recording Business Transactions
• The Adjusting Process
• Completing The Accounting Cycle
• Merchandising Operations
• Merchandise Inventory
• Accounting Information Systems
• Internal Control and Cash
• Receivables
• Plant Assets and Intangibles
• Current Liabilities and Payroll
• Partnership
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