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Early Childhood Education

• History and Theories of Early Childhood Education
• Special Needs and Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
• Current Issues in ECE: Research, Trends, and Policy
• Guiding Young Children
• Effective Teaching: DAP, Environments, and Play
• Health, Safety, and Well-Being of All Children
• Family, School, and Community Partnerships
• Effective Practice and Curriculum Standards
• Child Development
• Assessment of Young Children
• Professionalism in Early Childhood Education


• The Principalship: Duties and Responsibilities
• Building School Culture
• Supervision vs. Evaluation
• Curriculum Assessment and Evaluation
• Professional Learning Communities
• Administration of Special Services
• Action Research
• School and Community Relations
• Advocacy: The Politics of Principalship
• Human Resource Management
• School Facilities and Fiscal Management
• Ethical and Legal Issues

School Finance

• The Challenge: The Future of Funding of Public Education
• Financing Education: Equity and Adequacy
• Models for Funding of Public Education
• Models for State Funding of Public Education
• Low Sources of Revenue
• Financing the Cost of Special Education and School Choice
• Administering School District Budgets
• Human Resources in School Finance: Employee Compensation
• Financing of School Facilities
• Handling of Cash Receipts/Purchases
• Accounting and Auditing
• Business Management

Supervision in Education

• Leadership: Standards and Theories
• Creating Effective Schools
• Effective Teaching
• Adult Learning and Professional Development
• Professional Learning Communities
• Supervisory Platforms
• Development Supervision: Directive Control and Directive Informational
• Developmental Supervision: Collaborative and Nondirective
• Assessing, Planning, Observing, Evaluating Skills
• Clinical Supervision and Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching
• Differentiated Supervision
• Special Issues in Supervision and Evaluation

Organizational Behavior for Education

• Introduction to Organizational Behavior
• Understanding Behavior of Self and Others
• Systems
• Contingency Theories
• Educational Leadership
• Behavioral Approaches
• Communication
• Motivation
• Organizational Culture
• Decision-Making
• Change Management Theories
• Change and Stress Management

Health, Safety & Nutrition in Early Childhood Education

• Wellness Issues
• Standards, Guidelines, and National Initiatives
• Nutritional Needs of Children
• Physically Safe Environments
• Effective Emergency Response
• Healthy Environments
• Preventing and Managing Illness
• Children's Emotional Health and Safety
• Child Abuse and Neglect
• Effective Learning Experiences
• Partnering with Families
• Promoting Children's Wellness

Curriculum in Early Childhood Education

• Developmentally Appropriate Practice
• Curriculum Foundations, Models and Standards
• Family Partnerships
• Environments: Physical and Emotional
• Curriculum Planning
• Curriculum Implementation
• Assessment and Reflection
• Math, Science, and Technology
• Physical Education and Creative Arts
• Language and Literacy
• Social Studies
• Integrating Curriculum

Curriculum Development

• 21st Century American Education
• 21st Century Learners
• Education in the 21st Century
• Educational Philosophies
• Equity Issues in American Education
• History of American Education
• Leading Change
• Politics of Education
• Social Foundations of American Education
• Student Diversity as a Factor in American Education
• Teaching and Learning
• What is Curriculum?

School and Community Relations

• Introduction to School Community Relations
• Understanding the Community
• Communication in a Crisis
• Evaluation of School Community Relations Programs
• Building Partnerships with the Community
• School Family Communications
• Working with the Press and Media Outlets
• Legal an Ethical Aspects of School Community Relations Programs
• Preparing Published and Electronic Communications
• The External Communications Plan
• The Internal Communication Plan
• Communication Policies and Plans

School Law

• Church/State Relations
• Discrimination in Employment
• Harassment and Bullying
• Employees' Speech Rights
• Instructional Issues
• Rights of Individuals with Special Needs
• Student Discipline
• Students' Expression Rights
• Teacher Out-of-School Conduct
• Terms and Conditions of Employment Termination
• Tort Liability
• Federal, State, and Local Laws Affecting Public Schools
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