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How you define your vision is what makes a great strategy.  At WeLearn, we help you realize this vision as we design your learning strategy with a great learning experience as the center of our focus.

So many technologies – how do they all work – it’s overwhelming for businesses to make heads or tails out of it.  As your partner, we untangle the web of solutions in your tech stack through requirements gathering to sourcing, we listen to the voice of your customers and of the business combined with our significant experience in learning transformation to make recommendations that are simple, scalable and sustainable.

Now you know where you are going, you need a roadmap designed to get you where you want quickly.  At WeLearn, we offer program management services across all of our solutions and services.  We love a good project plan and will ensure your strategy is executed on time and within budget.

As you establish or grow your learning function, understanding the roles needed in today’s modern learning team is essential.  Helping your existing team members have a learning experience first mindset anticipating the needs of the learner is critical – we can help you there through team or individual coaching.

Do you have a digital accessibility strategy?  At WeLearn, we believe in access for all.  Our experts are able to help you build your strategy, identify opportunities for improvement, implement new processes within your HR and/or L&D teams, and provide training on best practices to promote an inclusive learning catalog.

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Are You GTO?

Learning leaders all want and need to be GTO (Great Training Organization)! And now you no longer have to wonder if you are running a great training organization because we are here to support. WeLearn can help you to benchmark your organization, identify areas for process improvement, and ensure your process capabilities are best aligned with the strategic priorities of the organization.

Fractional Learning Strategist

A Fractional Learning Strategist provides support and expertise centered on closing performance gaps, optimizing resources and refining strategies to retain workforces. Fractional Learning Strategists can offer major benefits to organizations who are looking for a person with C-level experience that can offer fresh perspective, measurable results and a scalable plan without having to hire a full-time employee.

How To Choose Technology

Technology can be an effective and powerful tool to train and upskill employees. However, there are thousands on the market and each has a different offering. As a learning professional, it can be a herculean task to pick the right technologies for your organization. That is where WeLearn comes in… We’ve developed an easy to follow checklist infographic to help guide you down the right path of software selection.

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Are you looking to tackle a big challenge or to create good trouble….whether you are looking for a custom course, to enhance your learning brand, or to create a new approach for building talent – we can help. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

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