Day: March 23, 2021

Performance Support

Performance Support: What It Is and Why Its Matters

No matter how effective a training course might be, nobody leaves an expert. Research shows that after one day, employees forget more than 70 percent of what was taught in training.

Luckily, an effective performance support system can improve memory retention and help difficult concepts stick even after formal training takes place. But what exactly is performance support and why does it matter to content developers and organizations?

This post will help you understand the meaning of performance support, its relationship to training, and when learners need it most.

Plan for Your Influencers

Plan for Your Influencers

As a learning leader you are always trying to “influence” the audience you are responsible for training. You, the learning organization and the learning experiences you are creating need to connect with the audience. When that connection is made, not only is the learning more impactful, but you are also creating the opportunity for the learning to go viral inside the organization – and while there are many tools at your disposal to create truly impactful learning, as a learning leader you should not forget to plan for your influencers in your content development process.

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