July 2021

Taking the unconventional route to diversity workforce development

Taking the Unconventional Route to Diversity

When we think of an organization, we deliberate about what it embodies, the size, how many employees are retained, or even its slogan. Rarely do we consider what type of diversity it might have. However, variety is the unconventional route that all prosperous institutes must contemplate in order to become and remain successful.

Importance of Creativity Workforce Development

The Importance of Creativity in the Workplace

Creativity is described as the inclination to spawn or distinguish ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that allow us to decipher problems, communicate, and allow us to entertain. In order for us to be creative, we must view things from a different perspective. In layman’s terms, we must pivot and adapt as we see necessary, especially during the instance when assets and time are limited.

Incorporate Podcast into Your Business Content Development

How to Incorporate Podcasts into Your Business

In the realm of podcasts, there is no right or wrong way to listen to them. In fact, over 80% of podcast listeners spend more than seven hours per week listening to them. More people now prefer to listen to podcasts over watching a show on Netflix. Yet, podcasts are not just for entertainment purposes anymore.

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