April 2022

Personalized learning and employee retention

Personalized Learning & Employee Retention: A Happy Marriage

Personalized learning is the most recent buzz term in the L&D space. It has become like a ‘religion’ of sorts. You have to believe in it, and you have to live and breathe it. However, we are unsure if everyone talking about it knows what it means. If you are one of those people, this is what personalized learning means: “an approach to education that considers differences in learners’ backgrounds, skills, interests and learning preferences and uses these differences to inform the design of curriculum and instruction.”

3 Foolproof steps for creating engaging linkedin content

3 Foolproof Steps For Creating Engaging LinkedIn Content

With over 72 million members, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to make your service stand out from the crowd, build an online community, and engage learners on a global scale. Building customized content is worth the effort, as it helps build credibility between you and your learners, establish connections, and introduce you to more potential collaborators. Don’t worry; to succeed on LinkedIn, you don’t need to write a perfect blog post or do something that has never been done before. Read this article to find out what makes customized content powerful, and how you can create it in three simple steps.

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