December 2020

Workforce Job Automation

Can Your Job Be Automated?

We live in a world with incredible automated tools. We have cars that drive themselves, state of the art inscription technology, and smart bots that can offer you tech support.

While these technologies could have a positive impact on a business, they also have the power to take away millions of jobs. Research by the Mckinsey Global Institute suggested that nearly half the jobs currently held by humans could be done automatically.

COVID and Mental Health Issues

Uninviting COVID Related Stress This Holiday Season

With the holidays quickly approaching and no clear end to the modern day crisis that is COVID, have you considered the state of our mental health? Studies done prior to COVID have shown that about 1 out of every 4 people suffer from mental health issues both clinically diagnosed as well as undiagnosed anxieties and depressions that are evolving in individuals everyday.

Respelling & Reskilling with WeLearn Learning Services

Overcoming Workforce Development Challenges Through Reskilling

We live in an age of immense technological progress. New machines and digital design systems are so advanced, that they can even take the place of human labor. To stay relevant in the workplace, either as a middle-skill employee or a key stakeholder, you will need to refine your technical skills and embark on an entirely new learning experience.

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