September 2022

Creative writing in employment welearn learning services

Creative Writing In Employment

Despite the perception that creative writing is a skill that is only useful to those in the liberal arts, such as English and Spanish, this is not necessarily the case. The purpose of creative writing is to develop the human imagination while providing people with an outlet to express their thoughts, emotions, or ideas through written expression. Writing expressively allows for a variety of approaches to be taken. Do you realize, however, that creative writing can be beneficial to your career and/or employment prospects?

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How to handle workplace bullying welearnls

How To Handle Workplace Bullying

It is a fact that few organizations consider workplace bullying when implementing their policies and procedures. The truth is that it is a very real challenge that employees face on a regular basis, regardless of their position within the organization. There are instances of bullying within organizations, and when it does occur, it is considered a form of workplace harassment.

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Improving adaptability in the workplace

Improving Adaptability In The Workplace

In order for your organization to achieve a high level of adaptability, it is imperative that you focus on making sure you are agile, flexible, and diverse through challenges and trials within the workplace. Often, this occurs during the hiring process. By focusing on talented, diverse individuals that are exceptional contenders and already possess a certain level of adaptability skills, and then choosing to bring those exemplary candidates onboard (through the new hire process), your practice will have already won half of the battle. The war does not end there, however.

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The battle of employee retention

The Battle Of Employee Retention

In terms of (employee) talent and retention, hiring the right candidate is only half of the battle. Imagine this scenario. During the past few months, your tech department has experienced a loss of talent, specifically those responsible for vulnerability management. There is a pressing need for an expert who can expedite tickets, based on their status, with the critical tickets requiring immediate attention. In the absence of such a person, your company’s security is at risk. A new job advertisement has been posted on a variety of platforms and websites, including Glassdoor and LinkedIn, by your organization. Your organization now has access to a wide variety of newly discovered, distinct talents who are prepared and willing to assist with vulnerability management in a matter of days. The first obstacle is to go through the resumes, then narrow down the list of candidates, interview them, and hire the candidate(s) that you believe will be most suitable for the job.

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Incorporating diversity management into your organization welearn learning services

Incorporating Diversity Management Into Your Organization

Diversity management is a term that is not always recognized in the corporate world; however, by this point in time (2022), it should be readily identifiable, accepted, and promoted. This is a rapidly developing initiative, which aims to acknowledge the diversity within your organization, accept it, and create an overall sense of inclusion for your entire workforce. This applies to all individuals, regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender (or preferred gender), mental or physical handicaps, age, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. Diversity management can be a challenging and intimidating endeavor, but if you support it from within your organization, your chances of success are greatly enhanced. Diversity, equality, and inclusion (DE&I) can help corporations gain an edge over their competitors in the future.

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