Month: April 2021

Learning Strategy

I Am Here. Now Learn Me.

When you begin to understand your learners at a more elemental level, you have the opportunity to leverage those insights in order to better align your learning strategy to the organization’s strategy, to ensure your learners engage with the programs you are developing, and ultimately ensure that your learners are building the skills and competencies that you need them to have.

Is Your Learning Tech Stack Blockbuster or Netflix?

Is Your Learning Tech Stack Blockbuster or Netflix?

We shared in our earlier blog titled ‘So you want to be the Netflix of Learning’ some of the psychological principles of Netflix and how consumers are more likely to engage and buy through this approach Netflix is most famous for. What is that Netflix approach? Do we really want to be like Netflix for learning? Is it the ease of access, the AI or machine learning, navigated paths or something else. When I think about what learners need, it’s not a one size fits all… and it varies depending on specific business needs. Now, does the principles behind Netflix apply to bring learning to life in an engaging and almost habit forming way .. YES!

You want to be the Netflix of Learning?

So, You Want to Be the Netflix of Learning?

If you are like us – the pandemic may have provided an unprecedented opportunity to take in some
great content – whether you were swooning over Bridgerton, obsessing over the Queen’s Gambit, or
waxing nostalgic over The Crown – the odds are you could not get enough of your favorite shows and
are likely hitting refresh on one of your browser tabs right now to see when your favorite show may be
coming back. Netflix has mastered the art of earning our discretionary time and attention. Not bad for a
company that started as a video store (#BeKind.Rewind)

Are you a peacock or penguin?

Peacock or Penguin?

Are you a peacock in a land of penguins? I suspect there are many people that are peacocks trying to survive among penguins. You are likely wondering what on earth I am talking about. Let me explain.

Incorporate Virtual Reality Into Your Learning Strategy

How To Incorporate VR Into Your Learning Strategy

When you first think of virtual reality, you might think of professional gamers, first-person shooter games, and futuristic-looking headsets. While these are all elements of VR, virtual reality is also an increasingly affordable tool for social and educational change.

Virtual reality is being utilized by organizations to boost workplace engagement and provide accessible learning for the masses. But what exactly is virtual reality and how can we incorporate it into our learning and performance support strategies?

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