July 2023

Neurodivergent for the win welearn learning services

Neurodivergent For The Win

Neurodiversity is an umbrella term that comprises an array of neurological differences, including ADHD, autism, and dyslexia. There are many terms which fall under this umbrella. Traditional workplaces may view these differences as disadvantages. However, neurodivergent individuals have to ability to bring distinctive skills and perspectives to the workplace.

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Fairness with change welearn learning services

Fairness With Change

In the workplace, change is inevitable. Any organization will experience growth and evolution, as it can take many forms. These changes can come in the form of new policies, procedures, technologies, or even daily work assignments. Sometimes, it can be exciting and bring about new opportunities for growth and advancements. Others, it can be disruptive and challenging.

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Pay Cuts in the Workplace

Pay Cuts In The Workplace

Pay cuts in the workplace can be detrimental for employees and the organization for which they are employed through. Unfortunately, they happen more often than most people care to realize or accept. They are preventable by all means necessary. But is the organization willing to put forth the effort to keep them out of their environment? These strategies will aid you in doing just that.

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How to make your business progressive

How To Make Your Business Progressive

In a progressive society, social, political, and economic reforms are supported or advocated. The goal of these reforms is to improve the lives of individuals while promoting equality, justice, and even freedom. A progressive individual is one who is open to revolution and modernization. People of this type are willing to challenge traditional norms of society that may have hindered progress towards a more positive future.

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