May 2020

Digital Learning Experience

Blurred Lines…… It’s Catchy Name for a Tune But Not What You Want For Your Digital Learning Experience!

Now hear this ……. You are no Robin Thicke and Pharell ……. I mean sure, you are probably pretty cool, but as a learning designer, we implore you ……no blurred lines. Ok – so all silliness aside, let’s get serious for a moment about accessibility and digital learning product. Image if you will being John Every Employee. You have asked John to complete a mandatory training course – you know – code of conduct, keep out of company jail kind of stuff that we are all so excited to do every year…..repeat after us “I solemnly swear I am up to no good….” – ok we are there. But John can’t launch the course – and it is not because he has a browser issue or even an issue with the course itself per se.

When It Comes To Learning

When It Comes to Learning We Do Not Horse Around

Everyone has heard the old saying “practice makes perfect,” but what is perfect? The textbook answers for perfect is ‘having all the required or desirable elements. Qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.” Perfect is relative; one person’s perfect won’t necessarily be the same as someone else’s. It is nearly impossible always to be accurate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be an expert. So the question is, what is mastery?

Post Covid-19

Let Them Eat Cake: Authenticity, Leadership, and the Post COVID-19 World

“Let them eat cake. It did not work for Marie Antoinette and it does not work today. The recent pandemic has opened our eyes to how images of people are projected and especially how leaders show up. We are so used to highly produced videos or commercials of CEOs or other leaders all prim and proper and think – that’s how a leader is supposed to look and act.

Make Learning Stick

Make Learning Stick

Make learning stick, this is something we hear from clients all the time and of course – like our schoolyard retort – it does resonate with us. Isn’t this what we as learning professionals are here to do? However, how many times we do we get so entrenched into learning models and theories, we forget about our most important goal – how we help build a culture of lifelong learning.

WeLearn Favorite Quotes

Some of WeLearn Favorite Quotes

We all have them – a favorite quote or phrase – that motivates us – or sums up our general outlook on life.

We recently asked the WeLearn team for their favorite quotes, and we have to say, we are an interesting bunch.

Remote Learning

Remote Learning: It’s The Thing!

It used to be when one thought of the ‘future’ they may imagine The Jetsons; flying cars and teleportation machines. It sounds ridiculous, but at one time so was the idea of electricity or even the Internet seventy years ago. Now look at us, technology has evolved into being an important part of our everyday lives. We use our devices to communicate, order food (imagine explaining Grubhub to the average citizen in the 1950’s), meet people, read the news, and most importantly to learn.

Measurement Strategy

Why Hope is Not A Measurement Strategy aka The Ballad of the Gas Station Hot Dog

Have you ever been traveling, stop for gas, and all of a sudden your stomach growls and you grab the first thing you see – that gas station hot dog that has been sitting there for who knows how long. You don’t know if it’s fresh, been there 2 days, but you blindly eat it because it saves you time. (For our friends in New York – think of this as the last “dirty water dog” in the cart – don’t judge – we have all been there)

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