October 2022

Engaging learners welearn learning services

Engaging Learners Today

Learning how to motivate learners has been a challenge for decades. We are often faced with the question, “How can we engage learners more effectively and efficiently with technology that is constantly on the rise and changing by the day?” In spite of the fact that there are numerous answers to this question, we are aware that it requires multiple approaches to be addressed.

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Understanding pay gap lingo welearn learning services

Understanding The Pay Gap Lingo Of Today

Corporate pay gaps are real issues that affect both employees and corporations differently. You may begin to have questions as you learn more about pay gaps and what each form of lingo means. There is no doubt that each piece of lingo is important to understand, just as it is to implement so as to bring awareness to your organization and to yourself.

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Workforce trends that will boost success welearn

Workplace Trends That Will Boost Success

There is a direct correlation between organizational trends and the work environment. It does not matter if you are working on a factory floor all day, staring out the window of a cubicle office, or residing in a home office designed to maximize productivity and efficiency, you are still affected by the trends in the workplace. What is our ability to adapt to the changing and rapidly growing trends in our society? Moreover, can your organization stand out among other like-minded companies in order to achieve success?

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The wage gap of the workforce welearnls

The Wage Gap Of The Workforce

It is difficult to imagine the scuffle for those who are of a minority ethnicity or even those who are less dominating in the work field, such as women. Obtaining a position of power is a marathon that most people can only dream about, however, maintaining it over time, being successful in all endeavors, and being respected is a difficult task. In contrast, how do women fare? To accomplish half the work that Mr. John Doe accomplishes, they must work ten times harder.

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