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Power of an Idea

What is the Power of an Idea?

What is the power of an idea? Ideas have the power to transform the world – they can make the way we work better. An idea can change the way in which we build our learning content, change the way we recruit new talent or change the way we invest in our employees and their development.

Content Development Model

Hitting Reset on Your Content Development Strategy

Hey – when is the last time you were able to take a minute, stop, and catch your breath. It has probably been a minute. The past year and half have been a whirl wind of activity. Deploying new technologies, shifting programs from classroom to virtual, developing new programs – let’s face it we have all been running a marathon – but at sprint speed. So, take a breath. Take a pause. Take stock.

So, What is a Creator Platform WeLearnls

So, What is a Creator Platform?

This week Josh Bersin put out his latest blog, where it is proclaimed there is a new category of platforms – a Creator Platform. He immediately leaned into TikTok and similar platforms such as Snapchat, Spotify, and Patreon as not just development tools – but platforms – and shared his perspective both on the need for a creator platform for corporate learning – and shared some examples of platforms he felt met the mark.
Before we all go crazy trying to build a creator platform of our own, we thought it would be helpful to break this down further.

Incorporate Podcast into Your Business Content Development

How to Incorporate Podcasts into Your Business

In the realm of podcasts, there is no right or wrong way to listen to them. In fact, over 80% of podcast listeners spend more than seven hours per week listening to them. More people now prefer to listen to podcasts over watching a show on Netflix. Yet, podcasts are not just for entertainment purposes anymore.

3 Ways Reskilling Will Change Your Organization

3 Ways Reskilling Will Change Your Organization

Do you ever feel like you are asked to fulfill certain roles in your position that you have no training for? If so, you aren’t alone. Since the beginning of the pandemic, organizations have had to make rapid changes to their technology systems and learning infrastructure, and many of these changes are here to stay. This shift can leave learners feeling lost if they don’t get the support they need.

Measure Training Success with Learning Analytics

Want To Measure Training Success? Use Learning Analytics!

You’ve worked hard investing in a training program for your learners, but how can you tell it was a success? Measuring and recording the return on investment (ROI) for training is crucial for sustaining learning engagement and creating a supportive workplace. While it might seem like a daunting task to measure training success, learning analytics can help you pinpoint what you want from your training and how to get there.

Embrace Change

6 Reasons Why Digital Literacy Matters Today

While many of us aim to reduce our screentime, digital technology has the potential to make our work and personal lives better if used wisely. With laptops and internet connections, learners have the power to keep a flexible hybrid-remote work schedule, access a world of information, and connect with people all over the globe.

Content Development Mistakes

Going Hybrid? Avoid These 4 Content Development Mistakes

Looking for the rulebook to hybrid content development? Stop looking now, because believe us, there isn’t one. While the newness of hybrid work presents a challenge for course developers, it also gives us an unprecedented amount of freedom when it comes to making content that captures the learner’s imagination and assists users on their knowledge acquisition journey.

Creating Content for Hybrid Learners

Top 3 Ways To Create Content for Hybrid Learners

Have you been working remotely for the past year, and are just now starting a hybrid work schedule? If so, you’re not alone. Studies report that 45% of remote workers expect to work hybrid in 2021. This new way of working demands a new way of creating content and supporting learners all over the world.

This article will walk you through why learners want hybrid work, its benefits, and the top ways content developers can best serve their new hybrid-remote audience.

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