Day: September 12, 2022

Heightism: another form of bullying

Heightism: Another Form Of Workplace Bullying

When deciding what path to follow for your career, have you ever considered that your height and (in some cases) weight could influence whether or not an organization chooses to hire you? There are rare instances in which this very thing occurs in organizations.

Improving adaptability in the workplace

Improving Adaptability In The Workplace

In order for your organization to achieve a high level of adaptability, it is imperative that you focus on making sure you are agile, flexible, and diverse through challenges and trials within the workplace. Often, this occurs during the hiring process. By focusing on talented, diverse individuals that are exceptional contenders and already possess a certain level of adaptability skills, and then choosing to bring those exemplary candidates onboard (through the new hire process), your practice will have already won half of the battle. The war does not end there, however.

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