Healthcare Worker Shortage

5 Methods For Overcoming Healthcare Worker Shortages

According to a recent report from the WHO, we could experience a shortage of up to 9.9 million physicians, nurses, and midwives globally by 2030. Current healthcare workers are expected to learn quickly, collaborate, and communicate even in the most stressful situations, but how can we help them work through the burnout? Innovative training and recruitment methods might be the answer. This article will walk you through the healthcare staff shortage dilemma, how hospitals are adapting, and which kinds of training and recruitment methods can help the present and future of healthcare.

Stressed Frontline Healthcare Worker

Stress, Illness, And Violence: Is Healthcare Work Dangerous?

Most of us think of hospitals as safe havens, where our illnesses and problems will be handled with care. But for most healthcare workers, going to work can be a matter of life and death. Physicians, nurses, and healthcare workers feel the pressure and consequences of sickness more than most; but how exactly has the pandemic impacted them and why should their wellbeing be a top priority moving forward? This article will explore the challenges faced by healthcare workers today; including severe stress, burnout, and even violence in the workplace.

Graphic design winnie the pooh

Graphic Design: What Winnie-The-Pooh Can Teach You

Children’s literature relates to eLearning through means of graphic design. By focusing on characters such as Pooh, we can draw easy comparisons to his picture-filled pages providing us with life lessons and ways to use visual communication to promote learning in a positive light.

Graphic Design: Today’s Ordinary is Tomorrow’s Extraordinary

Graphic Design: Today’s Ordinary Is Tomorrow’s Extraordinary

When you think of graphic design, there’s an abundance of words and images that come to mind. According to the Oxford Dictionary, graphic design is “the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, and books.” It can be used to craft ideas, convey messages, and even promote a specific brand.

Graphic design as the ultimate visual communication welearn

Graphic Design: The Ultimate Visual Communication

There are over 6,000 diverse languages spoken around the world. However, the average person can only interpret and speak roughly two to four of them. With a little over 7 billion people wandering around earth, this leaves an undisputable language hurdle. So, how is this handled? Through the use of universal symbols and other forms of graphic design to execute visual communication.

Why We Need HR Well-Being Now

Why We Need HR Well-Being Now

A 1992 article titled “Surviving HR Burnout” by Jennifer Laabs detailed the burnout experience HR professionals were having. What’s even more troubling than the fact that this was written 30 years ago is that the causes of burnout identified in the article are strikingly familiar to what we experience today. This includes:

What Makes An Effective Healthcare Worker WeLearn

What Makes An Effective Healthcare Worker?

According to a recent report, 84 percent of organizations expect a shortage of leaders in the next five years across all fields. While we often hear about leaders in business, finance, and culture; what about healthcare leaders? In recent months, pandemic, healthcare workers have been asked to take on greater leadership roles to help with the growing number of patients suffering from the coronavirus. making it more important than ever for healthcare professionals to think about what it takes to be a truly great leader. Read on to explore why doctors need leadership training, who is creating new leadership resources, and what kinds of traits make for a great healthcare leader.

How Augmented Reality is Changing Healthcare WeLearn

How Augmented Reality Is Changing Healthcare

With the rise of games like Pokemon GO, augmented reality has taken over the videogame industry by storm, offering new and exciting experiences for players worldwide. Augmented reality, however, isn’t just for catching Pokemon. While Augmented reality (AR) might sound like an empty buzzword, it can provide innovative solutions in healthcare, such as health education, training, and even helping visually impaired patients. Read on to explore exactly what AR is, why it is useful in medicine, and how it is making a difference in the healthcare world.

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