Critical thinking is an essential learning and development skill

Critical Thinking Is An Essential L&D Skill

Developing skills for learning and development (L&D) both in and out of the workplace can appear to be an endless list of requirements. At the top of this list is the skill of critical thinking. But what exactly is it and why is it so crucial, especially in today’s highly automated environment?

Boosting your workday productivity

Boosting Your Workday Productivity

A focus was placed on the pre-workday routine in the first part of this article, as well as the ways in which you can increase your productivity by taking certain actions. The purpose of this portion is to assist you in increasing your productivity during the workday. Let’s get started!

Fidgets: can corporate america benefit

Fidgets: Can Corporate America Benefit From Them?

In the workplace, concentration can be more problematic than most of us realize or are willing to admit. It is difficult to perform your best work when your concentration is low. Most often, this can result in long-term problems at work and outside the workplace. Additionally, it may jeopardize your career.

Pre-workday productivity tips

Pre-Workday Productivity Tips

Unpretentious methods to become more productive can sometimes be more difficult to find than they appear to be. In our adult lives, we sometimes find it difficult to comprehend how our days seem to run together at times. With our never-ending cycle of waking up at the same time, working our 9 to 5 jobs, and then commuting home so we can spend time with our families, cook dinner, and put the children to bed, the days seem to move at hyper speed. The following tips will help you manage your workday (and even your personal days) in a way that ensures that each day is more productive than the previous one, while still allowing you to recognize the distinction between the two.

The benefits of remote work welearn learning services

The Benefits Of Remote Work For Your Business

The COVID pandemic of 2019 has increased remote work to an all-time high. There are more digital nomads than ever before, as the days of being confined to an office have passed. Even the most seasoned multitaskers may find remote work challenging, but the benefits far outweigh any obstacles it may pose. In order to begin, let’s clarify what remote work is and how it is conducted.

How to master the art of sales welearn learning services

How To Master The Art Of Sales

The term “sales” refers to the process of buying and selling goods or services. The objective of sales training is to transform an individual’s skills, as well as to promote their knowledge in order to maximize their sales. Training is conducted in a variety of ways, including courses, workshops, programs, seminars, and even interactive experiences. In the event that the learner wishes to launch or continue a career in sales, any form of sales training can be conducted virtually or in person.

5 powerful ways to use youtube for content creation

5 Powerful Ways To Use Youtube For Custom Content Creation

Want your business or brand to be used by learners all over the world? You are probably already familiar with one of the world’s most powerful search engines and marketing tools; YouTube. But do you know how and why to use it? More than 500 hours of video content is uploaded every minute to YouTube and since its humble beginnings in 2005, the video platform has become one of the most popular marketing and educational channels for learning services, brands, and businesses. With more than two billion active users, YouTube could be just the content creation outlet your service needs. This article will pinpoint five ways you can use YouTube to increase learner engagement, master visual communication, and create great custom content.

Training Industry 2022 Watchlist - Custom Content Development

WeLearn Named to the 2022 Training Industry Top Training Companies Watch List: Custom Content  Development

Training Industry announced today its selections for the 2022 Top Training Companies™ lists for the Custom Content Development sector of the learning and development (L&D) market. WeLearn is excited to report it has been named to its 2022 Top Custom Content Development Companies Watch List.

How to use instagram for your business part 3

How To Use Instagram For Your Business: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide (Part 3)

Do you want to join the over 200 million businesses using Instagram to widen their reach, spread their brand message, and connect with learners all over the world? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article will build upon WeLearn’s previous two “Instagram For Business” posts, introduce you to new styles of content creation, and get you ready to make an eye-catching business Instagram.

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