A Systemic Lack of Synchronization Between Community Colleges and Employers and its Lasting Impact

A Systemic Lack Of Synchronization Between Community Colleges And Employers And Its Lasting Impact

Even though the community college is an admirable and respectable institution, people rarely know how much work must be put into its effective work and programs. Multiple actions, initiatives, and strategies must occur in the background for everything to flow and for the community college to serve the community and accomplish the necessary results.

How can community colleges and employers reboot their partnership and create americas future workforce

How Can Community Colleges And Employers Reboot Their Partnership And Create America’s Future Workforce

Decades of not communicating adequately and nurturing a consistent and robust collaboration have strained the relationships between community colleges and employers. For a long time, the mismatched expectations, wrong perceptions, and lack of desire to take the initiative on both sides have helped the status quo settle in and become the norm.

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