Relevant Training

The WIIFM of Relevant Training

Joe is a new clinical medical assistant at his local hospital. He recently went through a paid training program that the hospital paid for and has committed to being with the hospital for a year. One his first day on the job he is thrown into the deep end, he is told there is no real onboarding program – and he will need to figure out how to do the job he was hired to do. Did you hear that. That ticking sound. The clock has started counting down the weeks, days, minutes, and seconds until Joe leaves.

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What Would You Do

What Would You Do?

Our current U.S. education and training system is not creating the talent pipeline necessary to meet the hiring demands for skilled trades labor. The current workforce is quickly retiring at a much hire rate that the number of newly created talent. Desperate to fill positions, the wrong people get hired, they lack the skills necessary for the job, there becomes a training burden, and they ultimately quit.

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Corporate Jargon

Do Learners Dream in Corporate Jargon?

We have spent a lot of time talking about changing the way in which we, as digital learning designers and digital learning developers, can change the way in which we build digital learning products. We declared eLearning dead, discussed creating unifying design principles (while speaking Dothraki and Klingon), took a page from the playbook of iconic brands, and talked about some patterns that are worth repeating—but now we want to turn our attention to one of our favorite topics: Content.

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