May 26, 2021

Deep breathing workforce strategy

Take A Breath: Deep Breathing And The Future of Work

The combination of the Covid-19 pandemic, political tensions, and instances of social injustice, have exacerbated the anxiety that many of us were already struggling with. Studies show that this heightened stress is hurting employee productivity and employee engagement. So, what do we do?

The answer could be to take a deep breath. With the right breathing practices, you can take charge of your stress and manage negative emotions. This post will help you understand why breathing is so effective, how it works, and what particular methods might be best for you.

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Inclusive learning learning strategy

Success With Our Inclusive Learning Philosophy

Some people are born natural learners. Or are they? Since grade school, we have mistakenly associated with one’s ability to learn with their IQ levels. In a historical moment where workplaces are more diverse than ever, it’s time to change our idea of what a good learner looks like.

Multiple studies have shown that through altered learning philosophies and mindful strategies, everyone can improve their learning capacity, regardless of their innate intelligence level. This post will provide you with the most effective approaches for becoming a better learner, regardless of your educational background.

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Virtual presentation learning strategy

How to Give a Virtual Presentation

Presentation skills are always valuable, and some methods of engagement translate across all mediums of communication. The best virtual presenters, however, will adjust their practice to better suit their audience and medium.

COVID-19 has made virtual meetings and presentations the new normal. With your coworkers all listening from afar, they are more likely to be overcome by digital distraction and lose interest during a virtual presentation.

Navigating change is difficult, but this post will walk you through the best tips for nailing your next virtual presentation and helping you engage audiences and build better digital habits

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Covid employee mobility workforce development

In The Coronavirus Era, Why Is Employee Mobility Important?

For many of us in the professional world, 2020 has brought on new worries and challenges. According to The Economist, four-fifths of CEOs worry about skill shortages. In 2012, only half of the CEOs reported this worry.

Many organizations are reassessing their talent acquisition strategies and learning that the way they not only acquire but nurture talent, needs to undergo a makeover. Why, during a time of such uncertainty and restriction, is employee mobility more important than ever?

This post will guide you through the reasons why companies should aim to create more flexible and mobile plans for their workers, and how employee mobility might support an age of innovative thinking.

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key performance indicators, KPI, for learning strategy

Learning Strategy 101: The Beginner’s Guide To KPIs

Are you overwhelmed with training data and need help sifting through it?Luckily in any learning strategy, a little bit of data goes a long way. KPIs make it possible to record and measure the effectiveness of training by using specific, focused metrics. But what kind of data should we choose to measure, and where do we even begin?

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