How to Incorporate Podcasts into Your Business

Incorporate Podcast into Your Business Content Development
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    What Are the Benefits of Podcasts?

    In the realm of podcasts, there is no right or wrong way to listen to them. In fact, over 80% of podcast listeners spend more than seven hours per week listening to them. More people now prefer to listen to podcasts over watching a show on Netflix. Yet, podcasts are not just for entertainment purposes anymore.

    Podcasts are now being used to enrich the success of talent development. Talent development promotes learning and employee engagement to drive performance and productivity. What better way to improve the performance and productivity in the workplace than to promote and offer podcasts for employees to listen to?

    Podcasts offer efficiency as we can spend our free time listening to them, no matter where our free time is found. This permits employees to use their time more efficiently. Not to mention, listening will expand the effectiveness versus reading alone. Studies have shown higher retention when people listen to podcasts.

    In addition to this, they allow us a break away from reading. As they are on the rise, we have determined that more people (of all age ranges) are drawn to the idea of listening. In layman’s terms, you are more likely to be engaged while listening to a podcast rather than reading a work email or attending a meeting.

    Podcasts urge the learner to have everything at their fingertips. This makes it easier for even the diligent and busy learner to absorb something new. This assists with training and management in a frequently budding and shifting workplace.

    How Can Your Workforce Incorporate Podcasts into Their practices?

    One way is to add an internal podcast (or multiple ones) for different areas to keep in contact and broaden growth of your talent development. Doing this would spread engagement within the organization. An internal podcast can also enhance the type of business information that is stretched throughout the organization.

    Incorporating internal podcasts can also foster communications within the firm. This minor change will allow your talent development team to chatter about what they are listening to and how it will help advance aspects within the organization. After all, employers want to know the best way to reach their talent development and a podcast could prove to be the next best thing within a company.

    Should you need to make adjustments, do so. Ask your employees for feedback about the internal podcast and act appropriately. While a podcast may not unscramble all of your problems, it will undeniably reach your talent development on a new surface and allow for improvements along the way. After all, most employees already appreciate listening to podcasts and this is just one more way to help widen their horizons as they continue to mature within the organization.

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