Taking the Unconventional Route to Diversity

Taking the unconventional route to diversity workforce development
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    What is the Unconventional Route?

    When we think of an organization, we deliberate about what it embodies, the size, how many employees are retained, or even its slogan. Rarely do we consider what type of diversity it might have. However, variety is the unconventional route that all prosperous institutes must contemplate in order to become and remain successful.

    Diversity inside the workplace is a notion that most people do not take into account except in cases where it is vital. Did you know that unconventional talent is associated with a superior performance? In fact, we have seen highly successful organizations with an array of talent that lies within. After all, we know there is no such thing as one type of person that fits every job in a firm. It takes a village of people who bring different talents and ideas to build success.

    In many cases, these potential candidates have no formal training. There’s a wide assortment of self-taught learners who have opened a laptop and taught themselves everything there is to know, and most have done so without ever stepping foot in a college classroom, or in today’s case, virtual learning. Not to mention, diverse learners come in a variety of ethnicities, genders, and from a variety of backgrounds. Simply put, talent can come from anywhere.

    Why Choose the Unconventional Route?

    What’s the cause for choosing the unconventional route? Clients want a fresh angle that they don’t currently have as an in-house option. What better way to do it than to go outside their normal range? When they choose the diverse path, they are opening the doors to the not-your-average joe who can bring in new ideas and greater performance than before.

    Take for instance when Victoria’s Secret categorically decided to hire a size 14 model, Ali Tate-Cutler to promote their swimwear and lingerie. They did this to branch out their brand to target women of all shapes and sizes. By bringing Ali on board, they did just that. Aside from offering diversity within the brand, this change also promoted a body positive image to women. All women want to be beautiful regardless of their body shape and Victoria’s Secret aimed to promote their new brand, so women feel just that.

    However, as Victoria’s Secret aims to do this, we know that within a short time, plus size models will become the norm and soon, we won’t speak about it anymore. That comes to be expected. As it does, we know diversity must (again) be a pivotal role in an organization to keep the ideas new and unconventional.

    While it may seem the unconventional route, it’s rather becoming the norm to go in a uniquely different direction. No matter what your organization’s needs may become, sometimes it takes an unfamiliar view from someone of exceptional talent to help a company reach its full potential. We may not all come from an identical background or education, but individually we can wisely craft a brand to its utmost potential, one unconventional talent at a time.

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