The Importance of Creativity in the Workplace

Importance of Creativity Workforce Development
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    Importance of Creativity

    In today’s ever-growing electronic society, we come to ask ourselves when we will see objects such as flying vehicles or when we will be forever replenished in the workforce by AI’s. Although we may not see cars that fly anytime soon, we are fully mindful that AI’s are beginning to take over many aspects of the workplace. From self-driving cars to smart assistants, our days in the workplace may be numbered. However, there are a few fields that AI’s may be more difficult to replace.

    Professions that rely on fundamental human attributes such as creativity, intuition, or imagination will likely be one of the last jobs that AI’s may take over (if ever). Creativity is described as the inclination to spawn or distinguish ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that allow us to decipher problems, communicate, and allow us to entertain. In order for us to be creative, we must view things from a different perspective. In layman’s terms, we must pivot and adapt as we see necessary, especially during the instance when assets and time are limited.

    During the COVID pandemic, we all had to do more than our fair share of making the most out of creativity. Students, who had steadily attended public (or private) schools had to pivot to remote learning and their parents had to become their teachers. Most parents even did so while working a full-time job (which likely also became remote during COVID).

    We saw ever growing shortages of things like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and masks. With limited resources, our creative juices began to flow which allowed us to use alternatives for toilet paper such as washcloths, while hand sanitizer was created from rubbing alcohol and masks were formed by sewing fabrics together. What is the most interesting thing about all of this? These things were all done when creativity mattered the very most and resources were sparce.

    These influences alone lead us to deem that our artistic jobs will be the most difficult for any type of AI to supersede, now and in the future. Yet, we should still continue to boost our fundamental human attributes as much as we can; but how could we do that? Here, we have prepared a few key takeaways to keep your creative juices flowing, no matter what type of situation you may encounter.


    No matter what your jam is: meditating, music, or exercising, self-care is a fundamental part to remaining productive. The type of self-care doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you do whatever makes you happy because when you’re happy, your imagination tends to flow more freely and creativity takes shape without question or struggle.

    Embody Your Strengths

    Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are can play a dominant role in how creative (or not) you are. Use them to your benefit. Set a goal to help you be bold in your creativity. If you’re strong with multitasking and that is what makes you happy, do it! If you are better off focusing on one task alone, that is perfect, too! Knowing your strengths will benefit you in the long run.


    Reframing is when we change the way we view the situations at hand. The key point in reframing means that we can’t always change the things that we are dealing with, but we can change our perspective about how we view them. For instance, the age-old tale says we can view a partially filled cup of water as “half full” or “half empty”. Reframing events allows us to not get caught up in everyday life.

    Although life can easily get in the way, we must remember there are three different key points to allow our creativity to continue to flow. By fostering your creativity in the right direction, we can continue to grow and assure that no matter how advanced AI’s become in the future, our spots will be assured because the imagination is one thing that cannot be duplicated.

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