5 Crucial Lessons We Can Learn From Businesses Using YouTube

5 Crucial YouTube Lessons
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    YouTube may not be new to the content-creation game (it is, after all, 15 years old) but the platform has only improved and become more popular with time. According to recent studies, 62% of YouTube users access the platform daily, and some even visit it multiple times per day. If you feel lost on how to begin your business’s YouTube channel and improve your digital literacy, start by taking a look at some businesses that have found success using the platform. This article will show you five businesses that are using YouTube to their advantage, along with the content-creation lessons you can learn from them. 

    YouTube: Combining Visual Communication And Content Creation

    #1. Blendtec’s Focus On Reliability: American blender company Blendtec has utilized YouTube to show how durable, unique and reliable their products are. Their Will It Blend? In which they blended household objects like car keys and iPhones garnered major attention from audiences. The company’s Will It Blend? Video using an Ipad has over 19 million views, and the company’s channel has over 800,000 subscribers.

    • Lesson: You don’t need to blend up fancy tech products to get attention. However, take a lesson from Blendtec on the power of showing your service’s reliability and originality in an eye-catching way. 

    #2. Redbull’s Inspiration Tactic: Audiences want to imagine how their lives will improve after engaging with your service or product, and it’s your job to help them. As a popular energy drink, Red Bull centers their message around promoting an active lifestyle, having fun, and staying energetic. Its YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers and reached a billion total video views in 6 years. Their most-viewed videos often showcase athletes and risk-takers doing impressive stunts, such as climbing a frozen waterfall or building a bike from wood. 

    • Lesson: Most likely your business would not benefit from showcasing a daredevil driving a racecar across a frozen lake. But, what your business can benefit from is helping learners envision what their lives could be like after using your service. 

    For example, if you offer e-Learning related services, help audiences envision a future where they can learn quickly in a more flexible and supportive environment. 

    The Power Of Graphic Design On YouTube

    #3. Playstation’s Branding: Sony’s Playstation YouTube channel has 14 million subscribers and has produced over 3,500 videos. In all of its videos, Playstation consistently includes its recognizable logo in the left-hand corner of the screen. This simple graphic design reminds audiences which brand they are engaging with and helps them remember the company in the future. 

    • Lesson: Include your company or service’s logo in video content as a way to help audiences remember who you are, communicate with them visually, and remind them what you stand for. 

    #4. Walmart’s Variety: While Walmart is controversial as a business model, you can still learn valuable lessons from its successful  YouTube channel. The multinational retail corporation makes sure to keep things fresh and diverse on its YouTube page by including everything from cooking videos to price-match testimonials. 

    • Lesson: Make sure to use a variety of virtual-learning content to keep your audience members engaged. Diverse content will appeal to a wider range of people and most likely increase your number of subscribers and interested learners.  

    Improving The Virtual Learning Experience Through Organization

    #5. Ramit Sethi’s Level Of Organization: Although blogger and bestselling author Ramit Sethi is a company, he still uses YouTube to promote his financial and entrepreneurial services and provides some good lessons for businesses looking to utilize video. Sethi makes a point of breaking down his videos into clearly labeled sections, which helps learners stay focused and find the content they want. 

    • Lesson: A well-organized YouTube page is key to avoiding choice paralysis, improving the virtual learning experience, and keeping learners engaged 

    Consider breaking down your channel into specific services you offer or organizing your YouTube playlists by themes. No matter the size of your business, learning from these YouTube powerhouses can help you boost your online presence, gain a wider audience, and connect with learners in a meaningful way. 

    YouTube: Your Next Step In Custom Content Creation

    Your company does not have to be as successful as Walmart to have an engaging YouTube channel. Remember that 99% of YouTube users use other social media platforms too, so traction on YouTube can boost engagement with your other online pages. What do you think about the power of YouTube, and can you envision your business or service using it? Share your thoughts, questions, and perspectives with us at WeLearn, because together, we learn!

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