5 Expert Tips For Creating Customized Content On TikTok

5 TikTok Tips
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    With a variety of filters, effects, and intuitive editing tools to choose from, TikTok has unleashed a new and exciting business opportunity for brands and companies looking to connect with their learners and market their services. Short-form content on TikTok might be cheaper and faster to make, but it also holds its own set of unique challenges. Audiences scrolling through their feeds expect to be entertained or informed within seconds, and it can prove daunting for businesses who are new to the game-changing platform. Here are five expert tips for businesses looking to broaden their reach and support their image through the internet’s most visited website. 

    Use TikTok To Express Value And Customize Content

    #1. Answer Your Audience’s Question:  Before you start playing with filters and editing tools, first look into what kinds of questions your learners might have. A successful TikTok account will be relatable while also answering real questions. 

    • For example, someone looking to learn more about investment might have questions like “when is the best time to sell my shares?” or “what is the difference between a 401K and Roth IRA?” 
    • Providing this free advice will build trust and encourage your learners to invest in your services later on.

    Answering relatable questions establishes your service’s value without being unnecessarily flashy, and your learners will be happy that they discovered something new in a short amount of time. 

    #2. Express Your Service’s Value: Ask yourself what value you can deliver to your audience and how it lines up with your industry’s niche. This could be in the form of a step-by-step video, quick tips, or an inspirational speech.

    • For example, when renowned denim brand Levi’s launched its “‘Buy Better, Wear Longer” campaign, they posted short and practical TikTok videos on how to properly clean your jeans to make them last longer. 
    • Not only are these videos useful for audiences, but they show that Levi’s is dedicated to sustainable fashion.  

    Consider making your videos hopeful, inspiring, or even humorous. Videos that evoke these feelings often perform better on the platform and show up more often on your learner’s feed. 

    The Connection Between Learning Engagement and TikTok

    #3. Keep It Real:  TikTok is different than other social media platforms in the sense that it champions an authentic, even homemade aesthetic. Keep your message real, don’t use complex vocabulary, and embrace a relaxed communication style. 

    • A recent study shows that 48% of TikTok users view the platform as more ‘joyful’ than other social media platforms. 
    • The study also revealed that authentic content leaves 73% of users feeling optimistic and uplifted

    #4. Be interactive: After you pinpoint your service’s value and decide on a key message, it’s time to invite your audience to engage with you! Invite your audience to share posts that feature your product, or send video testimonials. 

    Small giveaways, such as a free consultation or an e-learning starter course are also a great way to boost learning engagement and encourage people to invest in your service. 

    Questions That Optimize Learning Engagement

    #5. Find The Sweet Spot: It’s important to find the balance between what your audiences want to watch, and the message you want to communicate. Ask yourself a few of these questions to make an entertaining video but to the point:

    Do you want audiences to laugh, or learn in your video? While humor and fun is always a great way to keep learner engaged, make sure you are still teaching your audience something about your brand.

    • What new information do you want your audience to walk away with after they watch your video? How do you want them to feel?

    How is your service or brand connected to the newest TikTok trend or song? Feel free to get creative and think outside of the box. 

    TikTok: More Than Just A Trend

    While it can be daunting to use a new content-creation platform, the most important thing is to have a little bit of fun while using TikTok. Services that can express their creativity and funny side will be more popular with audiences and leave a positive lasting impression. What do you think about brands using TikTok to widen their reach? Do you think it’s just a trend that is soon to pass? Share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions with us at WeLearn, because together, we learn!

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