Are Your Frontline Workers Overlooked?

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    According to a recent study published by Yoobic, 80% of the global workforce is what is considered frontline workers. Despite this, frontline workers are often overlooked in terms of meaningful investments in terms of human capital and learning and development. This is often driven by the perception that these jobs are high in turnover and transient in nature.  We believe that organizations are ignoring this audience at their peril. 

    The Yoobic study surfaced several interesting themes: 

    • 34% of frontline workers feel disconnected from headquarters/corporate.
    • 40% of frontline employees feel insufficiently trained. 
    • 59% of say mobile devices are underutilized in the employee experience.
    • 34 % of millennial frontline employees feel there is a lack of career growth for them. 

    Is it any wonder that organizations have such high turnover in their frontline worker populations? 

    Think Differently About Your Frontline

    We believe that there are a few steps organizations should take to transform the way in which they invest in the frontline: 

    • Rethink Educational Assistance Programs – provide access to these programs to all employees – and make them available on day one. For employees who are hourly or more entry level, remove barriers to utilization – and allow for prepayment of tuition. 
    • Make sure learning can reach them on the devices they have. Not every frontline has a company device – but the odds are they have a smartphone or tablet. Ensure the learning you want your frontline to have access can reach them where they are – on the devices they have. If you are not already mobile first, you are already late to the game. 
    • Ensure your learning connects with the audience and that they see themselves in the learning. Lean into storytelling and visual design of the learning you are developing for your frontline. You know the difference between stock art and customized visuals – and so do they! 
    • Share the art of the possible when it comes to career development – show them the opportunities for growth inside of the company – or even show them “famous alumni” who left the company,  but went on to achieve professionally. For some frontline employees you will be their professional home – for others you will be a first job, but showing them the art of the possible will give you a customer for life. 

    Are You Ready for a Reinvention? 

    You do not have to be a big corporation to change your approach to investing in your frontline talent. If you are ready to shake up your strategies or know that you are ready for a bit of reinvention of how you approach the development of your frontline talent – let us know – we would love to talk to you! 

    We are all in this together, and together we learn.

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