WeLearn and Dr. Charles Chaffin Partner to Launch L&D Workshops

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    Created To Help Organizations And Their Employees Rethink Information Flow & Learning   

    CHICAGO (June 20, 2022) — WeLearn, a learning solutions and workforce development company, is excited to announce that it has partnered with Dr. Charles Chaffin, an author, speaker, and educator, to launch three workshops dedicated to improving corporate learning and managing information flow in the workplace. 

    The Workshops Are

    • Information Overload in the Workplace: A session devoted to how employees can better manage the influx of data. 
    • How We Learn: A session designed for organizations who want to refine their existing education and training strategies.
    • Numb: A session that focuses on employees’ relationship with the information age. 

    “We are excited to offer fresh ideas on how information can be processed better, how learning can be refined and how to successfully engage and disengage from information,” said Sean Stowers, WeLearn CEO. “ We can all benefit from learning more on these topics!”  

    “Our attention is our most valuable resource,” said Dr. Charles Chaffin, author of Numb. “With all of this information coming at us within each and every moment; it can be overwhelming to process what is important and eliminate what isn’t. If you’re a company trying to train, educate and properly communicate to employees, it can be a challenge to break through that noise. That’s where these workshops come into play, to provide organizations and their employees with the tools needed to strategically manage information and to educate better along the way.” 

    To learn more about these workshops and to schedule a session, contact WeLearn here

    About WeLearn

    WeLearn is on a mission to help organizations build better humans through learning. It provides a full range of services to assist its partners in building world class learning and a world class workforce. WeLearn is a proud recipient of three coveted bronze Brandon Hall Group Awards. Learn more here.

    About Dr. Charles Chaffin

    Dr. Charles Chaffin is an author, speaker, and educator who presents and consults on a variety of topics. Dr. Chaffin takes complex topics and makes them accessible to a broader population. Dr. Chaffin authored Numb, released in 2021, and co-authored the book, Psychology of Financial Planning: The Practitioner’s Guide to Money & Behavior, releasing later this year, both serve to make complex issues more understandable.

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