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Welcome to the WeThink, the WeLearn blog! We’re glad you’re here. WE think of this blog as a place for us to share what’s on our mind in the corporate learning space, give you an opportunity to learn what we’re all about and to have a discussion about what you’re working on, what kinds of resources you’re seeking and learn from one another.

WeLearn changes how people engage in learning so they can reach their goals and help their organizations grow. We create beautiful and thoughtfully designed experiences that connect with people through facilitated collaborative learning. We do this in three ways:

  • We have heart: Kindness and compassion are the way to go.

  • We are family: We’re in this together and we have each other’s backs.

  • We say “Yes, And…”: We like to tackle big challenges and always make room for new ideas so we can keep progressing.

We believe that this philosophy on learning and workforce development can help engage employees across all industries. Whether you are in technology, manufacturing, marketing or healthcare, people are people. They have similar feelings, habits and desires…and with the right motivation, will eagerly learn and grow. It’s all about your delivery.

At WeLearn, we believe strongly that part of this delivery is investing in your employees at all stages of their careers. Particularly for frontline workers, providing them with an achievable path for learning and advancement will not only help them develop in their careers, it will make them better employees.

Take healthcare, for example, a field that is getting a lot of attention with all the pending changes in legislation. This is an industry where retaining employees can be difficult, but can also make a huge difference in patient care and outcomes. Consider a Certified Nursing Assistant, once he/she learns the processes of a given hospital, familiarizes themselves with standards of patient care and develops relationships in the organization, it is to everyone’s advantage to develop and retain them!

Replacing employees is not only time consuming and expensive, but it slows you down when you are doing something as critical as providing life-saving patient solutions. With the right systems in place, a good corporate learning program would help this CNA advance both in the workplace and educationally, ultimately help them to become an RN, to earn a BSN, and even eventually become a nurse manager. With the right work on the building a career and learning framework, this type of system is good for consumers and good for business.

There’s a lot to unpack here, and we plan to keep at it. So if we’ve piqued your interest, we hope you stick with us.

Are you looking for the next big idea for frontline worker development or worried about your internal learning brand? What other things would you like to hear about from us – let us know-  we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments – and we will tell you what WeThink!

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