Organization DNA: Do Something Big

Do Something Big

So if you have stuck with us so far, you have learned about the Organizational DNA Model for Workforce Development, we have shared with you the Why? of this model, and we have talked about the important stakeholders in this model. So naturally you are thinking this is a really big thing……. how do we possibly do it?

As with any paradigm shift, the road ahead can look daunting, and as it is in our DNA to never let a good idea go unshared, even if it is not ours, to begin with, we would like to share with you a model that inspired us from Verus Global called Do Big Things.

In our experience, this framework is at the heart and soul of executing an organizational DNA model for workforce development – as it requires teams to organize on the human imperative (change the way in which we find, grow, and advance talent) and provides a framework for how team should work to accomplish such big things.

We are not experts on the Do Big Things Framework, but rather students of it, and strive to bring this to the work we do together with our partners.

We believe this is a model that will help drive the impact of an Organizational DNA Workforce Development Strategy.

Tell Us: Are you inspired to try and implement Organizational DNA into your organization?

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