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    When you hear the term, “slasher,” you are probably quick to assume that it is in reference to a horror film of some degree. After all, this is a past term often used to define the main villain in a typical scary movie, especially those that occurred during the time of VHS tapes. I mean, I cannot be the only person who automatically thinks of the late 90’s film directed by Wes Craven known as the original Scream, which hosts a variety of well-known Hollywood names such as Nev Campbell, David Arquette, Courtney Cox, and Drew Barrymore. Or is it possible that the term has removed any bias relating to horror films, as it has paved the way for a new type of employee in the workplace?

    Though the term is relatively new, it is gaining widespread momentum around the globe. The term that once made you think movie villains such as Jason Vorhees, Michael Meyers, or Freddy Kreuger, has changed course to actually reference a type of individual in the workplace who breaks down all the barriers. They are even a workaholic, in their own right.

    Slasher History

    A slasher is a term deemed by millennials and Generation Y. It represents a person that focuses their frame of mind solely on being successful, not matter what it takes or how it has to happen. They typically revolve around personal success, fulfillment, and monetary gains. Slashers are often active in whatever means necessary in order to best crush their financial obligations and achieve lifelong success, no matter what is necessary in order to do so. These types of people do not like to be obscured by limits such as one job or even a single role from within their workplace. Rather, they prefer to be entrepreneurs, but by their own standards.

    The term has also become shortened to “slashie” on social media, such as Instagram and Reddit. Those who represent this type of individual can be of any age, exist in any profession, and their gender, race, nationality or physical location are irrelevant. During the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the term used to define this type of person was known as “hustler.” As the years have progressed, the term has shifted, too.

    As the term suggests, slashers navigate their way through their lives slashing goals, obstacles, and breaking down barriers of those before them. Some may even say they are workaholics, who take things to the extreme in a way never before accomplished. These types of employees are prone to hold multiple jobs that allow their income to average out to six figures (at minimum). Additionally, their days, nights, and weeks are filled with tasks that allow them to continue on their path to lifelong success, at any costs necessary.

    Alternative Meaning

    The term itself has more than a few interpretations of the word, especially when searched via Google. Though a slasher or slashie might sound like a total badass who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done in order to prevail with their financial success, there is an additional way in which employers or employees of the workplace may think of a slasher. And this additional meaning is definitely not as positive in thought.

    Slasher might also reference an individual who hosts an inability to stay at one place of employment for an extended time. This is sometimes referred to as having a “slash career.” Although the other term of endearment for this workplace term is much more ideal, both are used in a multitude of organizations. If you fear the context around the term is not made clear enough to differentiate whether it is positive or negative, then it is best to ask someone who has a greater amount of expertise on it. Misconstruing the word can be a monumental mistake that no one wants to draw upon.

    Pros Of A Slasher

    Generally speaking, slashers have more experience, regardless of what way they term is referenced or who it speaks of. Before you decide whether or not a slasher lifestyle is something to consider, it is ideal to know both sides of the argument to becoming a slasher (or not).


    Slashers have the ability to enjoy a wide range of workplaces. This allows them to gain a sense of experience and gain skill set that the normal employee in an average workplace doesn’t have the option to try.


    As most slashers prefer to put in as much work as they can in a given work week, they will likely work all the hours or days they have offered to them. But the truth is, a slasher has a greater sense of flexibility between work hours, especially when they specialize in multiple different jobs. This grants the ability to pick and choose when to put in time and what place to do it. Additionally, the job nature is generally flexible to those willing to put in overtime at a moment’s notice. Think of it as a “I scratch your back, your scratch mine” type of situation but in the way of scratching the company’s back and they offer you more as a reward.

    This will also come in the term of being able to pursue multiple career choices and the opportunity to test-drive different areas of expertise that you may not have the option to do otherwise. This helps with a higher financial potential, too.

    Bigger Salaries

    Choosing to work more than one job is not for the faint of heart. The greatest benefit of being a slasher is the willingness to earn higher, better salaries than what one workplace alone offers. A typical career in one organization means that there is only one paycheck generated every week, two weeks, or even month. However, with multiple places of employment, you are provided the opportunity to have a greater sense of financial security by having income generated at different intervals throughout the calendar month. This paves the way to a better lifestyle.

    Skill Sets

    Achieving the slasher lifestyle, regardless which way it is done will allow you to have very broadened range of skill sets. This also leads you to have a higher level of expertise and experience than you would have otherwise.

    The Cons

    Now with any type of employment, there is always some level of opposition as to why to consider a different path. These are the top reasons that a slasher lifestyle or career may not be a good fit for you.

    Career Development Struggles

    Traditional work avenues often have opportunity for career development and advancement, especially with your title and level of responsibilities. Unfortunately, being a slasher means you don’t have the same amount of opportunity. And if you do receive the opportunity, the odds of keeping a higher title or more responsibility typically means you must give up your slasher career.

    Physical and Mental Exhaustion

    Working multiple jobs can be exhausting to your physical and mental health. Oftentimes, it is a challenge to juggle multiple avenues of time comfortably between two or more jobs. This can also lead you to lack the ability to spend time enjoying what little free time you actually do have.

    Less Family/Friends Time

    Whether it is picking up the slack of other employees in order to further their financial gain or simply putting all their time and energy into ensuring their pockets are forever full, it comes at a price. Typically, that price comes in the form of time that they would normally get with family and friends outside of their day job.

    Lower Quality Of Work

    Work performance is often one of the main components which comes into question with having a slasher lifestyle and career. As a slashie opts to spread themselves out among multiple jobs, the quality of each of those jobs will decline. Maintaining quality control is best done by utilizing one workplace and career, rather than spreading thin among many different ones. Not only could this compromise the quality of work overall, but it could also aim to remove potential job opportunities or advancements that could come otherwise.

    Closing Thoughts

    The slasher career lifestyle is not for everyone. It requires a great amount of feat, responsibility, and flexibility to pull off, even for the most advanced, career-minded individual. Should you desire to try different career paths, then this type of lifestyle is the right fit for you. Most importantly, use this lifestyle to be financially successful with minimal beginnings and through rocket-fast acceleration. If you are unsure of whether or not this type of career is for you, you can always give it a whirl by picking up an easy side hustle such as making crafts to sell on Etsy or putting your handy skills to use by being a jack-of-all-trades on the weekend. No matter what route you select, just be certain it is the best career choice for you by making certain you are comfortable and challenged on a daily basis.

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