Graphic Design: Today’s Ordinary Is Tomorrow’s Extraordinary

Graphic Design: Today’s Ordinary is Tomorrow’s Extraordinary
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    When you think of graphic design, there’s an abundance of words and images that come to mind. According to the Oxford Dictionary, graphic design is “the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, and books.” It can be used to craft ideas, convey messages, and even promote a specific brand.

    Three Purposes of Graphic Design

    There are three main purposes of graphic design. First, there’s the purpose and functionality of it. This is considerably the main idea for the piece itself, how well the design of it works, and if it is executed properly. Does the piece serve its purpose for creation? If the function fails, the objective is lost, and the design will render useless.

    Next, there’s communication. Using communication through graphic design means to convey the correct message through visual from, such as through photographs, videos, drawings, or even advertisements such as billboards. This focuses on information sharing and what message the creator wants to get across to their audience. For instance, is the message positive or is it negative? What is it about? Is the message fully understood? 

    All of these questions must be taken into account for the designer to make certain that the message is communicated in the way they intended for it to be received. Even a minimal amount of miscommunication can lead to a confused audience or even a lack of interest.

    Last, but certainly not least, there’s the aesthetic. Considerably, it is said to be the most important purpose. Aesthetic includes (but is not limited to) the colors, patterns, layers, lines, shapes, textures, sounds, and the overall balance that it offers. In layman’s terms, this is how people (aside from the designer) perceive the piece. All of these aspects come together to act as one. This creates the graphic design in physical form.

    Our Perception

    To decide our perception, we must use all five senses to take it in (if applicable). Graphic design is art, in its finest element. In order to appreciate it, we must be able to find it pleasurable. This is considered the ultimate form of visual communication. An understanding of it will aid each of us in seeing the true beauty of it, both on the surface, as well as what’s within it.

    However, it’s not just about the final product, but the overall journey to achieve it, which includes the ideas that surrounded it and just how well they have been implemented. Each part of the piece tells a story of its own. The impression it has on us is as unique as our interpretation of it.

    It’s strikingly beautiful to consider all of the ideas, hard work, time, and effort that has gone into each part of the project. Regardless of what it represents, we can not only appreciate it, but find a way to enjoy it, no matter what type of piece is represented.

    Graphic Design and ELearnng

    Beauty relates to graphic design in a similar way that graphic design relates to eLearning. eLearning is a means to teach us electronically, through a computer or other device with internet-ready access. We appreciate whatever is taught to us through our internet devices, regardless of what lesson is being taught. Graphic design teaches us about the beauty within and how beneficial it is to our everyday lives in electronic ways, just like eLearning. When it comes down to it, they co-exist together in harmony. Justifying how one is more important than the other is seemingly impossible to do. All-in-all, we can grow to appreciate each of these in our own way and we can utilize them in our everyday lives.

    Visual communication is all about the picture within and making sure the message within the picture is executed correctly. Through means such as graphic design, the message is clear, even without the regular use of words or sentence. It’s all about using today’s ordinary to make the design elements of tomorrow’s story and that is the true beauty of graphic design.

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