One Size Fits Most is a Learning Technology Strategy That Fits No One!

Learning Technology Strategy
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    Are you getting lost in a literal spider web of tech? Don’t remember why you bought it?  Or did it seem like a good idea when it was presented, but realize it doesn’t fit into your learning strategy? Or maybe you don’t know where to begin, lack a learning or tech strategy, and just feeling lost.

    If you are like me, as our lives are turned upside down, it can be overwhelming to even think about your tech stack and why it’s important.  You may just want to escape through Netflix binge-watching to escape from the crazy.  Right now, as I’m writing this, I am binge-watching Amazing Race to help me get lost as I watch others travel when I am unable to. We get lost in these shows.  So how do we get back into life, we need a plan. Like a contestant in the Amazing Race going for that cool million, the contestants who are most successful have a plan or map to help them solve puzzles and navigate across the world. 

    They have a plan!

    The first step in understanding what tech you need is to have a plan – or as we say, a learning strategy.  You say “I don’t have one?” or more likely “ I need a new one”   No worries, we’ve got you! Head to over to Learning Strategy? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Strategy…… But You Do! Don’t worry we will be here when you get back. 

    Later…in that same blog post.

    Now you have your strategy sorted, or if you had one already,  let’s talk tech and about how you can strategically acquire tech that brings learning to life aligned to your strategy.


    1. Who is your target audience? Or do you have multiple audiences i.e. external customers and internal employees?

    2. What modalities are you delivering?

    3. What team resources do you have to support your tech stack?

    4. What are your learner preferences?

    5. Where does your data reside?

    6. Do you buy content from other platforms like LinkedIn Learning, OpenSesame, or other platforms?

    7. Do you need measurement tools

    8. What needs to be automated?

    These are just a few things you should know before you are searching for your tech stack. If you do not have answers to these questions, you are not ready to search for a new learning tech. In fact, not having a sense of these answers is like going grocery shopping when you are hungry – you are going to end up with a cart full of things you really do not need.

    All-in-one platforms are popular with business leaders, but what is right for you?

    Learning Technologies have really evolved over the years. Do you adopt a one-size-fits-most strategy for technology or do you design your stack to allow you to deliver the experiences you want to deliver in the way you want to deliver them – for example, do you have specific technologies and approaches to deliver compliance training versus how you deliver and support leadership training? 

    The reality is that over time, in most organizations the notion of a centralized platform for learning has been just that – a notion. Whether through the line of business decisions, shadow training organizations, or the loose ends of a history of acquisition, companies have amassed an array of technologies to support learning – and can give rise to shadow training organizations. 

    So if you are evaluating your tech stack, don’t start with what you have – think about where you want to be – and what technologies you need to have in order to fulfill that vision – we guarantee you are likely not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater – but you will make smarter decisions. 

    I am going to get back to the Amazing Race – the team I am rooting for is about to get to the next destination first – just like I suspect you are. 

    I love to hear what you have to say on this topic. Is there anything I missed that you would add – because as we say around here, together we learn.

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