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Picture It

Picture it, your office, some day in the future – you have redefined the role profile, you have tons of new qualified candidates, and you have your pick of the best candidate you can imagine. This is awesome right. But how did this come to be?

The second part of the RETAIN model is Educate. Specifically, define what education/educational experiences are required to be considered for a specific job role. Your job postings and job descriptions are signals to candidates – saying a college degree is required or even preferred can be a huge barrier to you finding the candidate you need the most.

Through the RETAIN Model, we work with organizations to right credential their job roles and to identify potential models of education that can help to fill the newly defined role.

For many individuals, the cost and time to get educated (upskilled) for a new role is the biggest roadblock in the employment process.

We have seen a number of emerging trends in the market place that we believe forward thinking organizations can take advantage of in terms of connecting potential candidates to educational experiences include:

  • Organizations like Zurich Insurance and AonHewitt have built apprenticeship programs around roles such as HR and Underwriting to take candidates with a high school credential or some college, but no degree, into core business function areas.

  • In the skilled trades areas, we have seen an uptick of paid training. Organizations like Meritize support both the learner and the company so that there are flexible options for training without the heavy burden of debt associates with more traditional training/education programs.  This is particularly critical in the skilled trades.

  • IBM has pioneered the concept of New Collar Jobs in IT and had developed skills development pathways for those interest in those jobs to develop their skill set both inside and outside the traditional educational structure.

In considering these new approaches to education not only to consider potential sources of funding to pay for paying for the education but also ensuring that there is a solid ROI model for both the employee and the employer.

Are you ready to dive in and understand how RETAIN can be put in place for your organization? We would love to hear from you!

If you have questions about the RETAIN model, we would love to hear from you as well!

Next up we dive into Train!

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