Your Mission If You Choose To Accept It

Organizations of all sizes, across all industries are challenged to find the talent they need the most.  Once you find the talent, it’s a race with the clock to keep that talent as long as you can.  (Cue the Mission Impossible Music) – does this feel familiar?

Too often, we hear that organizations “can’t find talent”, “people don’t want to work”, “millennials aren’t loyal”, “the talent doesn’t exist”.  We believe this is fundamentally WRONG! We believe that often times the talent that you need the most is out there – and that if you shift your approach to finding, developing and keeping that talent not only will you find that talent – but your organization will thrive and grow.

Our RETAIN a model that helps organizations evaluate all parts of the employee lifecycle to ensure that an organization can build and keep the talent they’ve invested in.

It Starts with “the right” RECRUITMENT process

Over the past few years there has been a huge disruption in the way industry recognizes talent and potential talent.  Because of that, new models for identifying potential talent and recruiting have emerged.  Consider the following examples:


  • In transportation, consider the American Diesel Training Centers who are partnering with trucking companies to identify non-traditional candidates for entry level technician jobs,

  • In health care consider the work of Condensed Curriculum International who is connecting learners to jobs through their externship process.

  • Consider organizations that Amazon, McDonald’s and IBM who are each creating new paradigms for how talent is developing for future roles – often outside the four walls of their organizations.

Talent is there – but you have to know where to look for it, you have to let talent know you are looking for them, and you have to let them know what you expect of them.

Our RETAIN Model, we start by helping organizations define their ideal candidate profile and develop new and effective strategies to reach those target candidates.

Are you sold on the RETAIN Model so far, we would love to hear from you and to talk about how we can help.

Still skeptical? Hang in there with us – we will be outlining the entire model in the coming weeks.

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