WeLearn in 2021 – Elevating Learning

WeLearn in 2021 – Elevating Learning
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    The Basics: eLearning Should be Engaging, Meaningful, and Mobile

    By now, we can all agree that eLearning, as we knew it, is dead. A new day in learning is here. We’ve extinguished the “click next” experience, and we are ready to promise that at their core, all of our learning products will be engaging, meaningful, and mobile.

    These three tenants should be like the Bill of Learning Rights—every learner is entitled to them. 

    The Bill of Learning Rights
    We find these truths self-evident, that all learners are entitled to learning that is:

      • Engaging
      • Accessible
      • Mobile
      • Meaningful

    If learning is not engaging, learners won’t remember it, much less adopt it. If learning isn’t mobile, it will feel, at best, inconvenient. And, if learning isn’t meaningful to your learner, then why does it even exist?

    But we don’t want to stop there. 

    WeLearn Elevates eLearning

    Our learner is always the VIP when we design learning experiences. We want our learner to feel not just respected, but special.

    So, as we create each activity, we visualize our learner and what we want them to see, hear, and feel as they move through the experience. We ask ourselves, “what would make this learning more personal?” and “what would make this learning joyful?”

    We’ve found that learning is personal when it’s immersive. With immersive learning, our learner feels like an active participant where they aren’t just reading and answering questions but doing something with the learning immediately. This might mean leading the learner through a scenario where they make choices and receive immediate feedback. It might also mean dropping the learning into a virtual world that simulates reality, where they interact with the environment, tools, and even other people.

    We’ve also found that learning is joyful when it’s beautiful, surprising, and fun. We use custom art—often drawn by hand—to visually engage the learner. We look for opportunities to add surprise and delight to the learner’s journey. That might mean planting an “Easter egg” within an image or creating a printable keepsake with tips on how to accomplish a real-world task.

    While we know that learning doesn’t usually exist to entertain, we also know that there’s no reason learning can’t be entertaining!

    What’s Next?

    Today’s learning stands on the edge of a renaissance. With the “age of great uncertainty” has come a wealth of learning opportunities. Virtual and augmented reality are allowing us to elevate our immersive learning experiences in ways that felt impossible just five years ago. Learning, social media, and web design have merged in ways where it’s sometimes hard to tell where one ends, and another begins. Every day is a new day to elevate the learning paradigm.

    Together, WeLearn.

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