Are You Facing the Learning Leaders Dilemma?

Learning Leaders
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    The magazine cover is framed. The latest award is on the shelf. All is right in the world of the learning leader. But there is that little voice in the back of your mind. Maybe it is the voice of your CFO, maybe it is the voice of your CEO, maybe it is your voice asking you  “Are you running a great training organization, and if you are, prove it?’

    This is a learning leader’s dilemma – when the chips are down, how do I demonstrate the value of learning to the organization and that the learning organization is optimized to it’s fullest potential. As a learning leader, where do you begin to assess what great looks like? 

    What Makes A Great Training Organization? 

    One of the most objective sources of data on what makes a great training organization comes from Training Industry Inc, so much so, they wrote the book on it. Training Industry has spent the past eleven years studying what makes training organizations great – and through that work has developed a process capability framework of eight core process capabilities and the underlying process every training organization, regardless of size, should perform. Those process capabilities are: 

    • Strategic Alignment 
    • Content Development 
    • Diagnostics 
    • Delivery 
    • Reporting and Analysis 
    • Technology Integration 
    • Administrative Services 
    • Portfolio Management 

    Are You GTO? 

    As a learning leader, you no longer have to wonder if you are running a great training organization. WeLearn can help you to benchmark your organization, identify areas for process improvement, and ensure your process capabilities are best aligned with the strategic priorities of the organization. 

    Together, we evaluate your training organization against the process capability framework and benchmark you against organizations at large, and in many cases against your industry peers. Through our evaluation process, we will identify areas in which there is a difference of opinion within your organization on how well you perform specific processes, as well as helping you to prioritize areas for improvement. 

    At the end of our work together, you will know the answer to the question “Are You GTO?”

    What is the Right Time to Do This? 

    There is no right or wrong time to undertake this process. There is no fixed time for an awards application, no right size of an organization. Given the changes, all organizations have faced this year, the opportunity for self-reflection, realignment, and strengthening your process capabilities has never been better – and getting started is easy – it just takes a conversation. 

    If you are interested in learning more about this benchmarking service, reach out and we’ll schedule a 30-minute conversation with you. 

    We look forward to having a discussion with you!

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