Professional Development For Team Players

Professional Development for Team Players
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    It has been assumed that people in power should only hire the best and the brightest employees possible. But it is important to reevaluate what being “the best” means in today’s everchanging work environment. Perhaps some bosses are looking for employees that are exactly like them. This could mean sharing the same educational background, the same culture, or the same perspectives on life. 

    While at first it might seem ideal to work in a sea of people just like yourself, we are here to help you challenge your current ideas of a perfect employee, and help you create a more diverse, unique and energized workplace. 

    Employee Retention Gets Personal!

    Everybody wants to feel like their work is valued and their voice is heard. To truly express appreciation for someone’s work, you must pay close attention to the content they are creating. For example, if your employee is attempting to make a new digital learning platform for your company, it is important to take time aside and engage with the new platform. 

    Ask your employees what they accomplished that day, and be clear with your goals and expectations for the finished product. While you can still provide constructive feedback on what they can improve on, it is also important to recognize their progress and treat the creative process as a learning experience. 

    Another key factor of employee engagement is getting to know your employees on a more personal level. Learn about their concerns, preferences, and work habits. If they are natural introverts or conducting work remotely, take the initiative to start conversations and praise them on what they have accomplished so far. 

    Diversifying for Your Frontline Talent

    Women and people of color, despite being more than capable of leading a business or making important decisions, are often overlooked for top positions or high-status assignments. This is due to the institutionalized racism and sexism that is still present in workplaces across the country, and the world. We need to reimagine what it looks like to be a “leader” in the year 2020. 

    As an employer, it is important to make an active effort to not only include marginalized groups in the workplaces, but also provide marginalized groups the opportunity to use their skill and bring a unique perspective to the task at hand. A successful workforce development program will include the participation of every member of the team regardless of race or gender. 

    It is also important to make sure workers feel safe, respected, and comfortable in the workplace. If an employee feels harassed or threatened by coworkers or managers, they will not be able to give attention to their personal and professional growth. 

    The Balance Of Constantly Connected

    Employees rarely do their best if they’re overworked, overtired, and stressed

    Burnout is unfortunately a very common side effect of high-stress work environments and can deeply impact employees on an emotional and even physical level. This is why it is important to be mindful of employee engagement and morale. 

    If your team seems more stressed than usual, try making a small gesture like a group coffee break or outdoor lunch to let them know they are appreciated. Demanding your employees to always take breaks in front of their computer and not allowing time for fresh air will make an employee resentful. This can reflect negatively on the company as a whole. 

    Listen to your employees if they are unhappy with their current position. If an employee has been asking for a raise for the past year, do everything you can to reward them for what they have done for your team. If it is not possible to provide an employee with a raise, be completely transparent about why, and ask them if there is anything else you can do to motivate them. 

    Professional Development Done Right

    All of your employees are human beings at the end of the day. Being human means we are not perfect. But it also means that we each have unique backgrounds and ideas that we can bring to the table. 

    Everyone wants to make a difference with their work, and feel appreciated for their efforts. If you have noticed some of your employees showing signs of burnout, or not doing their best work, take time to check in with them. Why are they feeling stressed out, and what can you do to help? 

    Let us know how a more empathetic approach goes over in your workplace. You are not alone, and together we learn.

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